Saturday, January 27, 2007

6 Weeks and 3 Days

Well, I went yesterday for my 6 week post-op appointment. The doctor said everything is great and to keep it up. I'm hoping to start a workout routine next week to help with the skin getting back to where it should be. I'm down to 268.8, so a total of 38.2lbs lost in 6 weeks. That's almost an average of a pound a day. Need to get myself motivated to start working out!

Friday, January 12, 2007

1 Month Ago Today

It's hard to believe it's been a month already. I got on the scale today and I'm down to 272.2. So from date of surgery down 25.4 and down 34.8 since my pre-op appointment on the 6th of December. I'm starting to eat real food again. I had a 1/2 bologna and cheese sandwich today with a few chips. How nice to actually bite into something!!! I made sure to use FF bologna, wheat lo-cal bread, FF cheese, and mustard. It tasted pretty good. I just dread eating. I never know what to have. My husband got me a tea maker, so I've been drinking tea a lot with sweet and low, so no calories. Anyways, I'm doing good, sleeping back in bed now and even on my stomach. I still have a pain that smarts every once in a while if I move fast or bend too far, but other than that I'm feeling great. Anxious to get the green light to start exercising.