Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just Checkin'

Just thought I'd pop in with a quick post. Nothing really new to post about. I worked out today and have been eating good so far today. Got ont he scale and I was at 143.9, so I was happy about that. We had the formal event Monday. I totally spaced taking a picture of us. We looked nice though and the dress actually seemed to fit better. I wasn't uncomfortable at all and I could breath. I ended up wearing a cute pair of closed toed shoes I got at Target with black stockings. I am going to return the sandels I bought because I'll probably never wear them. Anyways, nothing else to really blog about. I have such a boring life!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just checking In

I got on the scale yesterday morning and weighed 143.7 so I was happy that I'm in my "range". I haven't worked out in several days, there's always something going on, I know that's no excuse but oh well. We had company last night. Jacob's friend from Vegas was in PA and they were driving home so they stopped in for the night. He was totally surprised, I didn't tell him they were coming. They played all night (he had no homework, thankgoodness, and we let him stay up until 10). They had fun, he was very sad this morning when they left. Bellydancing starts again tomorrow. I haven't signed up yet. Not sure if I'm going to. Steven wants me to, but it's just so expensive. We'll see. I finally got to the other Target and picked up more protein bars. They're $1.69 a piece but sugar free and lots of protein. Plus they're good. So far the chunky peanutbutter and brownie crunch are awesome. I bought 1 white chocolate chunk so I will try that tomorrow and see how it tastes. I figure I'll try and eat them every other day. I did a hard boiled egg today and that was good. Pretty much all of the Valentine candy and cookies have been disposed of. I pawned it off on random people. At Target though they had the valentine candy 75% off so it was $.69 for a bag of hershey's kisses. Thank goodness they didn't have the ones with almonds. I bought like 10 bags (plain, dark, rasberry, strawberry (so good), and 3 chocolate (white, dark, milk all in one). I tried one of the rasberry and strawberry and 3 combo but then I put them all in a bowl for Steven to take to work, so the temptation is gone. I think I'm going to go work out now so I better go while I have the motivation.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I swear when it rains it pours

So, we finally got the hot water heater fixed yesterday after calling Lowes and complaining to them about Whirlpool and their service. Now, the freaking thing is leaking F*%$$@ gas. I mean SERIOUSLY. WTF!!! I woke up in the middle of the night and got Steven up and told him I smelled gas, of course, he smelled nothing and went and checked the fireplace, drier and HWH. He said he smelled nothing. Then tonight when we got home from my grandparents house I got blasted with it. So after getting Athena down and everything I went and checked the FP, Drier, HWH and could smell it coming out of the HWH. So, I called Lowes and they said at this time of night they could try and get someone but weren't sure if they could and recommended that I call the gas company, so I called them. Waiting now for someone to come out to check it. I mean seriously. I'm done with being responsible and mature. Screw that, where did it get me? A week without hot water and now a gas leak. I'm not doing any preventative. Until it breaks I'm not doing anything to anything!! LOL. Anyways, just had to vent. Didn't work out yesterday b/c we were running around then Jacob had a 1/2 day at school and we just bummed out the rest of the afternoon. Then today I worked from 12-4 then Steven went to work and we went to my grandparents. I know those are sad excuses, but what can I say. I wore my size 6 jeans to work today. They look totally hot. A little tight, but that's good because I like showing off my slim figure. The shirt I wore is so totally cute but is large. I bought it back in october and wore it a few times but now it's too big. Anyways, haven't been on the scale in a while, not sure I want to get on with the way I've been eating. Hope that dress fits next Monday the 25th. The sunless tanning lotion isn't as great as I first thought it was. I thought maybe I was gettind darker but now I'm not so sure. I'm thinking seeing a change was all in my head. Anyways, gonna go so I can wait for the gas guy! Hopefully I don't kill over from gas. If I do, you guys are my witnesses it wasn't suicide! That's so sad to say, but hey, putting it in writing doesn't hurt right!?!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Quick Blog Blabber

Nothing really to post about. I worked out today. Hadn't worked out in like 4 days, there's always something. Our stupid hotwater heater went out. Seriously, we did the responsible thing and bought a new one before the original one (20 years old) went out so that we wouldn't have to go without hot water. Now 6 weeks later, the new one not working. Seriously. So, needless to say I haven't showered in 2 days...ick. They're coming to fix it today, so that's why I worked out because I know tonight I can shower. It absolutely sucks not having hot water. Can't do dishes, can't wash clothes, can't shower. I mean it just sucks. Thank goodness I didn't live in the old days. Anyways, bellydancing is over. It starts back up next week. Not sure if I'm going to do it again. It's a little expensive, $10 per class and each class is 1 hour. We'll see, I did enjoy it and Steven wants me to keep it up, so I'll decide next week if I'm going to do it again.

I blogged my food today. I have to start doing that again. It seems to help when you actually put down on paper what you're putting into your mouth. We have so much junk in this house and I've been eating just totally crappy. I've got to get myself under control so my stomach doesn't get all stretched out and start expecting junk food all the time. I have to stop on the snacking too. I want to try and bump on my protein majorly. The boca burger is good. I have to go get more of the sugar free protein bars at Target. I went to the one by our house and they had none, not even a spot for them, so I have to drive to the one in Independence to get some. Anyways, that's enough blabbing for now. I'm watching my soap, Y & R.

Friday, February 08, 2008

3 days in a row!

Well, I worked out again star for me! I only did 3/4 of a mile on the ellipticle but I did it on the resistance/pace program which takes you through 5 different resistances. It was tough and I burned more calories doing that than doing 1 straight resistance for 1 mile. Odd. Anyways, did some situps too. Belly dancing kicked my butt last night. We did a ton of abs and arms and butt. Wow I was hurting! I called a plastic surgeon yesterday. After watching that Tyra show I went to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and looked up surgeons in my area. The one I called doesn't have a web site. The reason is because he wants people to come into his office to do their research and meet with him to see how they feel and make sure they're comfortable. I don't know what to think about that. I'm one of those people who think in today's age a good business has a web site, period. The lady was super nice though and gave me a lot of information. Basically this doctor specializes in body conturing after WLS. But he won't do a lot of procedures at once. I told her I was interested in arms, breast, tummy but arms were priority. I had hoped that I could get the insurance to approve and cover breast then I could just pay the doctor to do the arms and tummy but she said that insurance requires you to have the procedure done in a hospital and the hospital will only allow that procedure to be done. So, that was good to learn. I told her if I had to prioratize I'd pick arms to be done. She said that runs about $3,000. WOW! They only do consults on Tues/Fri so I have to figure out if I should just go in alone or what. I'd like Steven to go with me but with Athena we don't have anyone who can watch her in the middle of the day on one of those days. I'd love to have it done within the next 2 months, but I also said that I would wait until I was at least 18 months post-op. I didn't realize the price. I guess it's better to at least go in and meet with the doctor to see if I mesh with him and like him and also once I do that start my research on him and talk to some of his past patients etc etc. My head is spinning! I mean, my boobs look good in a bra and my tummy isn't bad, so I think if I just focused on arms right now I might just really be oK with that. I hate that I can wear shirts that have short short sleevs or tank tops. Then I think about the pain and the procedure it self and I freak out. I mean I lost 2 pints of blood during my surgery so it really scares me.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Talking About Nothing

Nothing new going on, just felt like blogging. So I discovered a sugar free protein bar that doesn't taste too bad but is a little pricey. It's the Think Thin Bar.

Weight: 2.1oz
Protein: 20g
Calories: 240
Fat Calories: 80
Fat 8g
Carbs 26g
Sugar: ZERO!!

I got the Chunky Peanutbutter and it was pretty good. I think it was $1.69 for 1 bar and I got it at Target. They had chocolate chip but I only wanted to buy 1 to try it. I love that it's sugar free and the 20g of protein. Think I'll go pick up a few more. Even if I could eat them every other day for breakfast. I took me about an hour and a half to eat it. I'm totally stalled with my weight. I'm up and down and all over the map between 142 and 147. One day I'm low and the next I'm high, I don't get how your weight can fluctuate that much over a 24 hour period. I'm eating like crap too. I'm working on it but gosh, it is just so hard. I've worked out the last 2 days in a row. Done 1 mile on the ellipticle at a 20 on the ramp and a 1 on resistance. I've also done situps to try and tone up my tummy.

I also started using that sunless tanning lotion to try and darken up my legs before the event on the 25th. I've checked with a few friends and been told bare legs is the way to go. So now I need a tan! I'm hoping the working out will help with the weight. I really want to be around 135. I read that and think what the hell am I thinking. I don't want to be obssessed with my weight and I'm not, I don't think. I'm perfectly happy with where I am but I think the thing is that for 13 months now every month the scale has gone down and now it's not and I know that it shouldn't but after losing a little everymonth you just come to expect it.

I'm watching Tyra right now about plastic surgeries gone wrong. Talk about scaring the hell out of you and making you question having that done! I think I'd be happy to just have my arms done. Originally I said, tummy, arms, boobs, but really I would be happy just to have my arms done. I want to wear a tank top and not have floppy arms. My boobs look great in a bra and my husband is ok with them looking like tube socks, and my tummy isn't too too bad, looks no worse than someone who had a baby and hey, I had two so that solves that problem! Anyways, I'm rambling, gonna go for now!

Friday, February 01, 2008

First of The Month Weight In

That's a total of 164.7lbs lost in 1 year 1 month and 20 days

Eating is still bad. Have to get my head on straight. Love belly dancing class though. It is quite a workout. Think I'm going to skip Jazzercise. The more and more I think about it, I enjoyed the one class I did, but I don't know if I'd go enought to justify spending that money every month. Wish my dad would hurry up and move out here then I could just work out with him in his home gym. Time will tell. Even if I'd just use the dumb ellipticle a few times a week. I want to get a trailer for my bike so this spring we can start bike riding. I have an awesome super nice bike that I've been on like three times and have had it for like 5 years. Sad. Anyways, off to open play at a gym class for Athena.