Friday, June 27, 2008

What A Long Day and Week

Well, TGIF! It has been a super long week to say the least. I don't even remember the last day I blogged. The weather here has been all over the map, so it was pretty nice yesterday so I mowed the grass after I worked in the back wooded area for like 3 hours. Then after all that I had to shower, run to Sams and the grocery store then take Jacob to his baseball game. I was worn out. Inbetween I'm trying to clean house because my mom gets here tomorrow. Then today, Steven had his surgery, so I was at the hospital from 9:30 until 6:15. It was a very long day. Everything went OK, he bled a lot so they're keeping him overnight for monitoring. I'm glad they are so he can have some peace and quiet and get good medicine. Anyways, just an exhausting week and I'm sure the week ahead will be the same. Haven't been on the scale in a while, been eating crappy the last couple days.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just Plain Worn Out

Who says weekends are for resting and relaxing?!? Lets just say I worked my butt off this weekend. Today after working out at my dads (I did a mile on the treadmille then upper body and lower body weights) I came home and worked in the wooded area behind the house for about 2 hours. I'm completely worn out. Maybe all this hard work will get me my 2lbs! LOL...Tired as I am I feel good about working like that!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Totally Worn Out

Wow, I'm pooped! Let's see, I started my day at 7:30 this morning, not sure why Athena thought getting up early today would be fun. Went and picked up the lawn mower, got gas, brought the lawn mower home. Then it was time to continue to run errands, some how I ended up with both kids wanting to go with me, there goes the alone time I thought I'd get. Off to the dry cleaners, then the dollar store, then the party store, then Sams Club. Come home unload groceries, make lunch for the kids, now it's time to mow the lawn. After mowing the lawn, I start to clean up the back wooded area behind our house. It's all natural with trees leaves etc etc, but there are a lot of tree limbs sprouting up and it just looks icky, so I decided to slowly start cleaning it up. OK, so it's going to take forever, but eventually I'll get it done, plus we're going to put a hammock or something back there and basically claim the land as our own even if it isn't. Then after all that, I forgot I promised Athena a bike ride, so she wanted to go riding. I convinced her to go swimming instead, not as wearing, so we went to the pool for about an hour and a half. Needless to say I'm WORN OUT!!! Going to work out tomorrow at my dads and help him trim some trees. Also, I found a tick on me today.....freaked me ticks in Vegas, any ideas how to get rid of them or treat for them?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Working Out and Weight is Steady

Well, I've worked out twice this week and I feel good about it. I went to my dads Tuesday and today and got in a really good workout. I ran/walked 1 mile both days then did upper body weights and today I did upper and lower. I could hardly move my arms Wednesday morning. For my cardio I would walk for 1 song on my zune then run for 1 song then walk then run. I did a mile in 14 minutes. I'm not sure if that's good or not but it is what it is. I'm contemplating if I should increase my run time or increase the distance I'm doing. I know I need to do both but one at a time, just not sure which one would benefit me more. Also, I was at a 3 incline.
I got ont he scale this morning and I weighed 137.4, so I was pleased to see that. I want that last 2.4 freaking pounds though!
I also had another consult with a PS for my arms. The first doctor was nice and quoted $5K. This doctor was super nice (he is the one who is going to do Steven's surgery on his orbital bone). His quote was $6K but I really think I'd spend the extra $1K for him. I just really liked him alot and his staff was totally awesome. Now if I can just find $6K...........I know PS will take off probably another pound of skin from my arms.
On the home front, my sister and her fiance' have been here for almost a week with their 2 cats and 2 dogs. Let's just say having their animals here confirms I am not an animal person and should not have pets. They smell, are dirty, are noisy, and just too much responsibility. They get the keys to their house next Saturday, the day my mom gets here.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Life's Twists and Turns

Susy just recently posted things in life happen for a reason.....I guess I will sit and wait to see the reason for this! So, I get a call from my husband at about 1 in the morning early Sunday morning. He tells me don't worry but I'm on the way to the hospital to get stictches, I got hit in the eye. I figure, eh, not a big deal, he'll be fine, yet I still can't fall back asleep because now I'm a little worried. So, throughout the night I get updates and phone calls from his guys he works with filling me in on what happened and how he's doing. Well, not to bore everyone, but basically they had some stupid drunk guests at the hotel trying to get into the night club. Security was escorting them out, my husband was walking along with to make sure everything was OK, when one of the idiots basically pushed through the group came up and shoved my husband and another guy. By the time they got their balance the guy was swinging and connected with my husbands face. After almost 6 hours in the ER, a catscan, 4 stitches, and a ton of eye-exams, he got home about 7 that morning. OMG, his eye was swollen shut and as purple as you could ever imagine. I got him to bed, then up at 9 with Athena (I think she knew she should sleep in). So, after only like 2 hours of sleep yesterday was long. There was swelling behind his eye and bleeding and he has a broken orbital bone (the bone under the eye that holds the muscles etc up. So today we had to go to the eyedoctor that saw him the night before for a follow-up. The swelling behind the eye has gone down some and he could see a little better so the doctor was pleased with that. Then off to the plastic surgeon (He laughed saying he never thought he'd see a plastic surgeon before me). So, he has to have surgery either later this week or early next week. They're waiting for the swelling to go down. The guy who did this was arrested for assult, plus he had two other warrents, so obviously the guy is a troublemaker. The police department is going to obtain Steven's medical records and they're hoping to up the charges against the guy due to the injuries my husband sustained. So, I ask.......why did this happen? He's going to be out of work for at least 3 weeks. Thank goodness it was an on the job injury so he'll get paid and all the medical is taken care of. But even so, he can't do anything, can't drive, it just sucks. I am happy I get to take care of him because he took care of me after my surgery, but it's still hard having to do everything by myself. I just keep telling myself how lucky we are that it wasn't anything worse, that the guy didn't have a gun or something like that. Keep us in your prayers.

Friday, June 06, 2008


We talk about the things we can do now that we couldn't before because of our weight. But yesterday I did the amazing......I mowed the entire yard all by myself. Seriously, I would have died just thinking about doing something like that a year and a half ago and now here I went out without anyone pushing me to do it and mowed the yard. I though it would be a nice surprise for my husband to come home to a mowed yard, OK, so plus the fact that we're trying to refinsh the deck and the weather isn't working with us, so I figured if he didn't have to worry about the yard he could sand the deck.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Back From Vegas....AGAIN

Well, another trip to Vegas is under my belt. It was crazy and busy, but I got alot accomplished. I was there for work this time, so no playing. I was worn out when I got home. I left last Thursday and came home yesterday (Monday). I ate a lot while I was there, not a lot at one time, just a lot of meals. Normally I'll pick for breakfast and lunch then have a nice dinner, but I ate a nice meal 3 times a day everyday while I was there! I cheated majorly and had starbucks twice...OMG, I don't do coffee so I get the chocolate frapachino thing or whatever it is with whipped cream on top......OMG......sinfully good! It took me like 3 hours to drink it but man those were some good 800+ calories! I got on the scale this afternoon and am sitting at 139 so I was pleased with that. Nothing really new on this end. We did take a 2 mile bikeride to the park today and played for a while. Not sure if I posted but for our anniversary my husband got me one of those wagons for my bike. I love having it and Athena loves riding in it. I plan to ride at least 3 times a week, then I'm going to shop for a sports bra so I can start running/weight training at my dads another 3 days a week.

So everyone at this event I worked this past weekend just kept going on and on about how great I looked. I hadn't seen them since October, so I had lost another 15lbs and gone down another 2 sizes. I never realized 15lbs would make that big of a difference.