Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wow, Almost 2 Weeks With No Post

Geez, I totally lost track of time. Didn't realize it had been that long since I posted! Finally including a new picture too! Not the best photo, but at least it shows my hair somewhat! Not too much new on my end. My mom was here for a week and we had a slew of birthdays. Baseball practice has started. My son has decided to play catcher. He's doing good and the coaches were impressed. I'm a nervous wreck about him being involved in "EVERY" play of the game. We went and got him contacts last week b/c he obviously can't throw the catcher's mask off with glasses on! He's doing really good with them. He puts them in when he gets home from school, to get practice with putting them in and taking them out. Bowling ends tomorrow, thank goodness, so it'll just be baseball. Well, that's all the excitement going on with me as of now! Just waiting for the rain to stop so I can start working outside. I'm so sick of cold and rain cold and rain cold and rain!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just A Quick Post

Just a quick post to let everyone know I'm still around. I've been busy since I got back, plus I've been sick, just now finally getting over this dumb cough/cold. My mom gets here on Saturday, so I've been cleaning, plus April is birthday month so I've been shopping planning etc etc. Yesterday was my sister's b-day, tomorrow is my dads, then tomorrow Jacob has a b-day party for a friend, then Saturday the neighbor's son is having his 1st b-day party, then Sunday is Jacob's b-day, so lots going on. Hopefully I can get a pic of my hair to post, I have no good ones from the wedding. Monday is Spa Day! Yea! Taking my mom for a massage for a mother's day gift! Can't wait! :) Also, my computer broke, so I got a new laptop sweet hubby ordered it for me as a about timing! So I'm loving my new Dell XPS M1530 it is pretty high speed!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Refreshed After My Trip

So, I had a really nice Trip to Texas ALONE! Oh, I love my husband and kids, but it is so awesome to have nobody to worry about but yourself! Let's see, play by play, we left Wednesday around noon and got in about 5:30ish. We unpacked then my mom, sister and I went out to dinner. We ran to Wal-Mart to pick some stuff up, then came home, visited then crashed out. Thursday my mom had to work 1/2 day so my sister and I went out for an hour walk. We came home got showered, dressed, then met up with my mom and drove to San Marcos to go to Garden Ridge Pottery, which sucks, and then to the outlet malls. We did a lot of shopping and had fun. One of her dearest friends came with us. We went to eat at Bennigans...YUM...Monte Cristo.....My absolutely favorite sandwich ever....let's just say I could only eat 1 wedge and maybe 3 FFs. It was so good though, hadn't had one in probably like 8-9 years. We ended up leaving the outlets around 9pm and got home around almost 11. We had a good time. Then Friday my mom had to work all day, so we went for a quick 45 min walk, got dressed/showered met mom for lunch at the BBQ chopped beef sandwiches, iced tea, and potato salad EVER!!! Then we took my mom back to work, went and saw an old lady neighbo who is now in a nursing home, then off to Victoria for more shopping. My sister was reading at the wedding, so we had to go to the rehearsal, hence our trip to Victoria. We went to Target, Bed Bath & Beyond (wedding gift shopping), Ross's (I LOVE THAT STORE), Khols, Big Lots, Some other home store (don't know name), Dollar Tree, then off to the country club at 6 for the rehearsal. My cousin got married on a golf course, OMG, just like on TV. So, after the rehearsal, we skipped going out to eat with them b/c my mom was cooking and my brother had come in. So, we went home had yummy chicken spaghetti, visited, played a game, then off to bed. Saturday was the wedding, but not until 5pm, so we got up went for a walk and ran bleachers (WOW, talk about hard), then came home and lounged and took our time getting ready for the wedding. The wedding was amazing, it went from 5-almost midnight. The food was OK, I'm not a fancy food person, but it was good. There was A LOT of drinking, i'd say about 75% of the people including my brother and step-dad were loaded! I sipped water and made the mistake of having punch, which I realized after I drank a small glass, had carbonated something in it!!!!! I freaked out, but it was an accident and hopefully didn't mess anything in my tummy up! The cake was OK, not that pretty in my opinion. Their colors were teal and navy, very pretty. So, I drove home b/c everybody drank but me. Sunday, we slept in late and I started feeling a little icky. We had breakfast then went to some friend's for their little girl's 2nd birthday. They had waffle bowls with bananas and ice cream and all the side fixin's you could think of. I had one but could only eat maybe 1/4 of it. Tasted good though, I felt bad wasteing it but what could I do. Then we came home and visited with one of my aunts, then off to the store to get stuff for burgers and out to another friend's house for a BBQ. We visited and hung out until about 9 then came home, visited, and went to bed. Actually we went through wrapping paper and stuff my mom was trying to pawn off on us! Monday we got up and my mom had to work another 1/2 day so we went for an hour walk then got dressed and met up with her for lunch at the BBQ Station again...can you tell I love that place! :) Then we drove around and looked at houses we lived in etc etc then packed up and headed to Austin to the airport! I got home around 11:20 last night, took some nightquil and crashed, so now today I'm trying to unpack and organize my house again! And catch up on work! :) Happy Tuesday!