Thursday, May 31, 2007

Enjoying Seattle

Well, we headed to Seattle today for a much needed vacation! I got on the scale this morning for my mid-week weigh-in, however I can't remember what it said. I know it was 197 but I'm not sure of the tenths column. Anyways, probably won't post until we get back, but I will keep posting my eating and exercising!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I Ran!!

Well, I ran today! First time in at least 10 years! It wasn't much, but I did it! I got on the treadmill and decided to run/walk for my mile. I walked 2 minutes and ran 1 minute. It was hard but it felt good. I walked at a 3mph pace and ran at a 3.9mph pace. I was sweating my buns off that's for sure! Went shopping and got a few more things today. How awesome to buy a 16! Anyways, nothing new to report, just had to share that I ran I ran!! :)

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Let's see, where to start! First on the scale and I am no longer in the 200's! I'm sitting at funny is that! Thank goodness for that .1lb that took me below the 200 mark! Second big thing, I went shopping for pants because as I've said before, I literally own one pair, and I had to buy a size 16! Just jumped right over the 18! The only pair of pants I have are a 20 and were getting a little baggy, but when I tried an 18 on they fit good but were a tad bit big, so my sister suggested going smaller even if they are a little snug, so I did! And to my surprise, the 16's fit great! A little tight on the rear, but who cares! My butt looks great in those jeans! Anyways, just had to share my happy exciting news with everyone! Just hope I dont' sit at 199.9 now for 2 weeks, like I did when I hit the 100lb mark! Hope everyone has a nice long holiday weekend! :)

Friday, May 25, 2007

First Day of the last Bottle

Well, today was the first day of my last bottle of gallbladder pills.......yippie!!!! Finally, I'm so excited! I wasn't going to post today, but was so excited about opening that last bottle, I figured I'd share my excitement with everyone! I went shopping today at the thrift store and didn't find anything. I'm just not patient enough to look at every tag on every pair of pants to see the size. Hopefully I can find some stuff at Ross's. I treated myself today to a facial and bikini wax (ouch). The facial was absolutely wonderful. I go to this place, Jamie Lee Metz, and for $75 you get an hour and a half treatment. You get aroma therapy, a 1/2 hour shoulder/neck/back massage, hand and foot massage, scalp massage and the facial. It is totally awesome!!! Anyways, It was a nice treat for me.
We went rollerskating last night and OMG what fun! I haven't done that in over 10 years and can't imagine doing it with that extra 100lbs that are now gone! We had fun. Athena (who's almost 2) skated and was absolutely adorable! She loved watching the kids, but she had fun skating (more like being drug around by me and my sister). My sister babysat today while I went out and about. She's staying the night again tonight and we're going go to breakfast tomorrow and go to the mall and Michaels! Fun Fun! Anyways, will post tomorrow with my "weigh in"! Maybe I'll be under 200............We'll know in about 12 hours! :) Until then....

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I cheated

Well, I cheated today. I got the scale down off the shelf and got on. I'm going to pretend like I'm a little kid, Susy did it! :) The good thing is after I was done, I put it back on the shelf until Saturday! I'm down to 202.6lbs. Almost below the 200 mark!!! Whoo Hoo that will be a party day! So I have a client that owns a vitimen store, so I talked to him about protein and he gave me some strawberry protein powder. He made me a sample to try and it wasn't bad. You mix 1 scoop of powder with 8oz of water. It's got 24g protein and like 140 calories, so way more protein then the carnation. You can even add ice and some fruit and make a smoothie. Going to try it tomorrow with just the water and powder, so I'll update with how it tastes for an actual meal!
When I went to get dressed this morning I put on my literally one and only pair of jeans and they are baggy. I'm going to the thrift store this week to see if I can find some cheap clothes to take on our vacation. I just can't see spending $20 on a pair of pants that I'll wear for a month. So hopefully I can find some nice stuff that is cheap at the thrift store. We'll see what they have!

Saturday, May 19, 2007


OK, so it's not much but the scale finally moved. I lost 1.7lbs, so I'm down to 205.3lbs. I've worked out 5 days in a row now, so I guess maybe between the added protein and the working out that's what got the numbers moving again. After I weighed in this morning I literally took the scale and put it on the shelf in the closet so I'm not tempted daily to get on and be disappointed! Will report my weight next Saturday!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

10 Year Anniversary

Well, today is my 10 year anniversary and my husband isn't even here with me so we could celebrate! :( I did't get on the scale today, I'm going to get on Saturday. Hopefully at least one pound will be gone! Nothing exciting to report, worked out today, my body is killing me!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New Direction

Well, since I still haven't dropped one measly pound, I decided to take a different approach. I figured maybe if I start writing down everything I eat and my exercise that'll keep me focused on what is working. I went out today and got some boca burgers (loaded with protein) and some banquet chicken breasts (lots of protein too). And I got the good ol' Carnation Instant Breakfast. I know I haven't been getting enough protein and have to do something about it, so I did! I went shopping. As you'll see I added my "exercise and food log" to "Others I like to visit", so feel free to visit that one to see what I'm eating and give me any ideas. I'm posting there mainly for myself to see what I'm eating, but want to share it with others to give them ideas or to get ideas from them! My body is hurting from lifting weights today! Wow! Plus it is super duper hot here, so walking this morning kicked my butt. I didn't think I was going to make it the last block! :) Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

5 Months Ago Today

It's hard to believe it's already been 5 months since my surgery. I got on the scale this morning and am sitting at 207. That's 100lbs lost since pre-op appointment on the 6th of December and 90.6lbs lost since surgery day. Although I've b een sitting at 207 for 10 days, just from April 12th until today I've dropped 14.5lbs. So, if I continue at that rate, I should be at my goal of 150lbs within the next 5 months. Hopefully that's how it will play out! Just within the last month I've lost another 2 inches off my bust, 4 inches off my waist, and 2 inches off my hips. So eventhough that scale isn't moving the way it was before, I am still shrinking in other numbers.
I have one thing I want to ask, and it's probably TMI, but who cares, I post my weight. So, has anyone had crazy periods since the surgery. I normally am always regular and today I started (I think) but I'm not suppose to start until the 23rd. Just a little curious if it's because of the change in weight or what. Up until now I've been regular this is the first time something strange has happened. Anyone who has experienced odd things let me know! :)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


The scale won't move!!! It's driving me nuts! A whole week and not one pound lost!!! Not ONE!!! Anyways, just had to get that out! Walked over 2 miles yesterday, but didn't work out today. Really had no valid excuse, just didn't do it. Gotta get my butt in gear! Need some words of encouragement, so feel free to post! I just hate working out. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. I hate it! I read blogs of people who want to become runners or hikers or whatnot and I wonder, why can't I feel that way. Why can't I want to run or exercise. What's wrong with me? Granted, I can work out for 20 minutes and not feel like I'm going to die, like I did 5 months ago, but why don't I look forward to exercising. I have things in place. Have the elliptical by the TV, so there's no "it's boring" excuse. Anyone else feel like me when it comes to exercising? Thinking about posting daily what I'm eating too. Maybe that is part of my problem. I know I don't do enough protein. Just not a meat eater, but the doctor said not to worry when I went in for my 3 month check-up.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Nothing New To Report

well, there's really nothing new to report, just thought I'd post a little something. The scale has not budged since my big day Wednesday! I'm sorta bummed, but I know hitting these slow points is normal! I just hope I can get below 200 by the end of the month. We're heading to Seattle for a visit with family and to get in some R & R! I bought a swim suit (size 16, whoo hoo). It's one of those tankinies (sp). The top is a racer back so it is so comfortable, I don't even need a bra under it (something new for a change). That was exciting! Anyways, I didn't do much of anything this weekend, actually just took it easy! That's it for today, hopefully I'll drop a few pounds and be able to post about it!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hit the Big Milestone!

Well, today was a big day! I hit the big 100 today! Wow, 100 pounds lost in 121 days! YIKES! I can't believe I've lost that much weight! Only 57lbs to get to my "happy goal"! I'm so happy I hit that big number before 5 months! I'm expecting the next 57 will take until my 1 year anniversary. I'm trying to remind myself the loss isn't going to continue at this rate! Anyways, just wanted to share my totally awesome news! I'll be doing a new picture at my 6 month mark in June!