Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Blogging About Nothing Really

Just thought I'd do a quick post. I love reading Susy's 100 list. I worked in the yard the last 2 days about 2 1/2 hours each day. I just look back to before the surgery and I would have never attempted that. I wouldn't have wanted to. But now, I look forward to going outside to work in the yard, not really because I enjoy it because really I'm not a big outdoors working in the yard kind of person, but because I can. I can go and squat and kneel and bend and do yard work without feeling like I'm going to die after 10 minutes. Another thing, going up in the tree house and swinging on the swing set. I can do those things. Athena and I had a picnic today in the tree house. I climbed up the ladder like 3 times and went down the slide too. We also did some swinging. I wasn't like "Am I going to break the swing", I just enjoyed my time outside with Athena. It just amazes me how much energy I have. Now if I can just get myself to work out. That is one thing I just really have no desire to do. I've always hated exercise. I'd love to start playing tennis but I have to find someone and the time. I'm hoping to go get a trailer for my bike so we can start riding this summer. So summer plans for family exercise:

Swimming at the HOA pool
Bike Riding
Possibly running (I won't hold my breath)
Find someone to play tennis with at least once a week (I'm thinking my dad once he gets out here next month)

We'll see how many of these things I actually do. I really really really want to become more active and get my children up and going more than they do now!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tag Responses

The Game Meme Rules:The rules of The Game get posted on the beginning. Each player answers the questions about himself [or indeed herself]. At the end of the post, the player tags five people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they’ve been tagged and asking them to read his [or her] blog.

What was I doing ten years ago? Gosh, that's a long time ago. Ten years ago approximately to date, I had been married almost a year and had just given birth to my baby boy! I was living in Las Vegas and worked for an insurance company. I look back and think, wow I was only 21 at the time and had been married almost a year and was a mommy.

Five things on my To-Do list today: *Get my billing done for one of my clients*Call WF to find out the approval status on the sale of our house in Vegas*Wash whites*Clean out the last flower bed in the front yard*Watch Desperate Housewives & Y & R

Bad habits: *I'm a neat freak*

Five places I’ve lived:*Cuero, Texas*San Antonio, Texas*Las Vegas, Nevada*Lees Summit, Missouri

Three jobs I’ve had:*Bill Miller's BBQ*Titan Auto Insurance*Venetian Showroom/Club C2K*Self Employed Bookkeeper (and Lane Bryant to keep my sanity, although I don't really consider that a job)

Five of my favorite movies*Grease*Willy Wonka (The original)*Fried Green Tomatos*10 Things I Hate About You*Grey's Anatomy (I love that show, I know it's not a movie, but I love it!)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Long Week

Well, it's been a very long week, but fun. My mom and brother got here Sunday then my sister arrived Monday. We really didn't do much of anything, just shopping and visiting. We did play some Scrabble and Scatergories. I'm bummed that everyone is leaving but at the same time ready to have my house back in order. I'm hoping to get the one section left in the front yard finished up this week. I don't have much work to do, so I'm wanting to get the house cleaned and the yard finished. That's on my to do list this week, the to call freaking Wells Fargo every hour on the hour every day. We are having such a hard time with them trying to get the house in Vegas sold. They're just taking their time and dragging their feet. Anyways, nothing really new to report on this end. We did go garage sale hopping today. Our neighborhood has a big neighborhood garage sale twice a year, so that was fun. I've never been to a garage sale today. I got junk I didn't need. Spent a whole $4.00 total on everything! Let's see, I did get a totally cute purse that is like new, for myself. Then for the kids, I got Jacob 3 chapter books for summer reading, an army helmet and scarf thing, and for Athena a giant rubber duck and a cute cute old Sesame Street bus lunch box. Big big purchases! LOL! I'm going to try and update more starting Monday. I work all day tomorrow after I take my mom and brother to the airport. I'm looking forward to work. I like getting my little checks to spend as I wish, plus I just love the interaction with other female adults!
On a food note, haven't been eating great, but haven't been eating a lot, so I guess that balances out. Haven't been snacking as much as I have been. I need to start making my snacks healthier and I need to start getting my protein. I can't remember if I blogged about my physical a few weeks back. They did a ton of blood work to try and figure out what is causing my dizzy spells. Everything came back perfect, but my Iron was 1 point above being low, so he wants me taking 326mg of Iron a day. Yea, OK! The only pills I could find were 50mg each, so there's no way I'm taking 6 a day that's crazy. So I'm taking 2 but I think they're causing major headaches. Ever since I started them I'm getting headaches all the time. Like in my shoulders up my kneck and back of my head. Not sure if that's what's causing them but I don't know what else it could be. So, starting today I cut down to 1 per day and I'll see if that helps. I really don't want to make the choice of dizzy spells or headaches. Oh well, at least I'm thin. Guess there's always a price to pay!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lots Going On Here

Wow, I didn't realize how long it's been since I've posted. I know how bummed I am when I check everyone's blogs and there's no updates. Do you guys feel that way about mine? I love reading about everyone. It's so reassuring and lets me know I'm not alone with some of the stuff I feel.

So, update as to what all is going on. I've been busting my azz in my yard. OMG, it is sooooooo much work. WE have a beautiful yard, however the shrubs needed trimming, the mulch needed to be refreshed and some plants needed to go. Needless to say about 70 bags of mulch, 50 tulips, about 5 shrubs and a bazillion hours later I'm almost done. I started in the back yard. Why you ask, nobody can see that. Well, I know myself, and I knew that after I started and realized how much work it would be that I'd say forget the back yard nobody sees it. So, I started with the back yard to make sure it got done. I did the back yard, both side yards, and most of the front. There is still one big section down in the front by the street that I need to clean out, do some replanting, and re-mulch. So, hopefully within the next few weeks I can finish up.

My dad was here from the 3rd through the 12th. He was house hunting. We were out all day that Friday/Saturday looking at houses. I think we looked at like 23. So in the end, he ended up putting an offer on the very FIRST one we looked at! We both loved it from the beginning, so it was funny to look at all the others because we kept comparing them to the first one. So, after that, we hung out a little and I did some yard work since he was here to hang out with Athena.

Next up, my mom and brother get here Sunday then my sister gets here Monday, so needless to say the next week is going to be crazy! I'm looking forward to it though.

Other than that, I haven't been working out at all, although all my free time has been spent cleaning house and working in the yard, so technically I have been working out just not on a machine or something. My whole body has been aching like crazy. I was literally on my hands and knees today waxing the floors before going outside to work in the yard. Whew.......

One last note, I'm still in a size 6, which are a little loosy goosy, but the scale was at an all time low of 141.4! Maybe I will get to that unrealistic goal of 135 one of these days!!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Swim Suit Picture

OK, so I look totally crazy because I have no make-up on and my hair is just piled on my head! Anyways, I'm being brave and posting this picture, mainly because the other Amber did! My stupid arms are just so freaking flabby!