Monday, May 26, 2008

Why Do We Do Stupid Things

I ask this question because I find myself doing stupid things all the time. I knowingly make some of the dumbest food decisions ever. I know better, so why do I do this? Just more proof that the surgery is not a fix, just a tool. I bought some hostess chocolate cupcakes the other day because they just sounded so good and I figured if I open one up, I could cut it into 4 and the have one piece and put it away and make it last for 4 days. Just a little nibble to fill that chocolate craving. So, what do I do, eat the whole stupid thing. I mean seriously, why would I do that knowing I can't handle sugar like that. I was miserable. I literally had to make myself throw up for a little relief and even then I had such horrible cramps and shakes that I just went to bed and curled up in a ball. On a separate note, I made an appointment for a consult with a plastic surgeon for my arm flab. My sister is getting married May 30, 2009, so I have a year to find the funds for surgery. Anyone want to make a donation I have a paypal account LOL. I'm leaving for Vegas again Thursday for work this time. Tomorrow I'm heading to my dads to help him finish hanging pictures. Tomorrow is Jacob's last day at school, he gets out at noon, then he is out for the summer. OMG, what am I going to do with him!!! I'm use to 3 week breaks and year round school........any ideas for inexpensive ways to entertain an 10 year old other than video games?!? Remember I have an almost 3 year old so I have to do things that can include both of them.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

WOW..New Low Weight & New Size

Sorry it's been a while since I've blogged. I was in Vegas from Wednesday through Monday. It was so nice to get away. I was getting grumpy and stressed from being an "at home mommy" and needed some space, so I really enjoyed my trip with no responsibilities. I got in Wednesday afternoon, grabbed my car then went to visit a friend. I then did dinner with my dad and then headed to my sisters for the evening. Thursday I ran literally from 8am-11pm. I ran some work errands I had to do while I was there, met an old boss for lunch, gave a deposition, met with the attorney beforehand, visited a client, had a drink with my old assistant, visited my friend again, then had a drink with another old friend. (OK so when I say had a drink, yes I was at a bar, but my draink was good ol' H2O-LOL). Let's see my mom and brother flew in Thursday night so I went and got them then back to my sisters house.

Friday AM we headed to the Mirage (my sister is interning there in the fish/dolphin area). We got to go touch the dolphins and take pics with them. Posting one for you guys! It was totally awesome, then we got to go "behind the sceens" and feed the fish in the aquarium. That was cool too. I fed the puffer fish some squid....they suck it in like a vaccuum. Anyways, then the big thing happened, we were waiting for my sister to change to go to lunch with us and her boyfriend asked my mom and I for permission to propose. Needless to say we were both bawling in the middle of the casino at the slots! We of course said yes. That was a total shocker! Let's see, we went to lunch at the Grand Lux at Venetian then my mom, sister and I went shopping at the outdoor outlet mall. I shopped for the kids like always. I'm just not a shopper for myself. That night they went to see Love (I had no interest) so I went shopping at Ross and ran to do a work errand I was procrastinating.

Saturday was graduation day for my sister. OMG it was like the longest day ever. It lasted 3 hours. Then on the grounds under a beautiful tree Tyler proposed to my sister. I got it on video. I was totally awesome and exciting. He's already sick of wedding talk I think! My sister asked me to be her matron of honor, of course I accepted. We headed to Lucille's BBQ for dinner (Super super super good). Then we went home and crashed. We had so much food we didn't even do cake and champaign.

Sunday mom and I got up and headed to the pool at 8AM. (My sister was working and brother/fiancee sleeping). We hung out at the pool until noon. I got super sunburn, but wow that hot sun felt good. Then mom and I went to see a couple of other friends and stop at the store, then home and bed basically. We did slip in cake and champaign that night.

Monday up at the crack of dawn and home.

So, now the big news, When I got home I figured eh, I'll get on the scale to see what's up. Drum roll please.........137.7....a new all time low. I was shocked. But I was moving a lot and not snacking at all. I also finally broke down and bought a size 4 pants. Seriously, I was just laughing, seriously I'm a freaking size 4....that just doesn't compute.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

OMG, Almost Forgot

I just realized I forgot to post my weigh in yesterday......139.9....I got below 140!!! Yippie! Not that I'll stay there, I seem to bounch about 5lbs, but I was just so thrilled to see something below 140 and I was surprised. I figured 140 would be the lowest I ever got. Haven't really done anything different. Probably just didn't drink as much the night before LOL.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shopping Blues

So, I went out shopping Monday for clothes. It's fixing to get warm here (I hope) plus I'm leaving for Vegas a week from today, so I need some clothes to wear. All I have are sweaters and jeans. So, I went to the mall. Found nadda. I ended up buying a couple outfits for Athena and pair of jammie bottoms for me from Old Navy. OK, totally not what I was shopping for, although I do need some summer jammies, so that purchase is OK. Couldn't find any shoes either. I did find some stuff I liked at Old Navy, it's just that the sleeves are so short and my arms are so flabby I would't be tugging at the sleeves the whole time I was wearing it. So, after going to ON, Sears, Dillards, Macys, and a few of the other stores that aren't completely trendy and for young kids, I went to JC Penney. I did find a cute denim skirt (skort I guess it's called it's got shorts under it, but looks like a skirt all the way around) and a cute red t-shirt with bell like sleeves. I also got 2 tanks with the shelf bras. They are great for wearing around the house and since by boobs are smaller I can wear them now and not look like I have a giant watermelon on my chest. So, all in all, only 1 shirt and 1 skirt. Oh, I did find a cute white t-shirt at Target too. Forgot about that one. It has the wider arms but aren't too short. Athena and I are going out today, I think to the ON down the street and TJ Maxx maybe and the Payless right down the street too. I'm am also going to Lowes to get my last 2 bags of flipping mulch so I can be done with that dang yard! My Lilis are blooming and they look so pretty. They're like a deep deep purple color. Anyways, Jacob & Steven went to a Royals game last night, so Jacob is sleeping in but I need to get him up because we have to leave for school in 20 minutes!

Also, I chopped off my hair! When I was at Penneys I went to the salon to see if there was a wait. No wait, so I did it! I was back and forth with whether I was going to do it or not, but I did! It is super super short, but looks pretty cute. When I get dressed later and fix it I'll try and remember to snap a picture to post.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Yard is almost DONE!

Well, I'm almost done. I'm short about 2 bags of mulch and then the yard will be done. Next project, cleaning up the wooded area behind our house. It is so beautiful and natural, but I'd like to just get some of the straggley trees and weeds out of there so that the other trees can grow bigger and stronger. I think throughout our whole yard we went through about 65 bags of mulch. I swear those things are heavy to lug around but I did it!

Jacob's first baseball game is tonight. It doesn't start until 8:15, which sucks, but I have to go watch since it's the first one. Hopefully Athena will cooperate and behave.

We had super bad storms last night. It was a little scarey. The tornado alarms were going off and the hail and rain was crazy. Thank goodness we didn't have any damage.

Well, the bus will be here in a few, so I better get going. I work tomorrow then I think we'll go visit my grandparents, so maybe I'll post something tomorrow if anything exciting happens!