Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Absolutely Terrible Eating

OMG, what the heck is wrong with me??? I ate like crap today, total crap! My husband, sweet as he is bought me 2 boxes of the purple box girl scout cookies. He knows I like them and actually really had to search around to find them for me. I ate 10 cookies throughout the day. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with me? It's like I want to get back to 300lbs. Then I stuffed a ton of cheeze its in my mouth. I look at my life and can't figure out what is causing my eating the way I do. I'm happy, no issues that I know of. Just don't know what is making me do the dumb things I do. I bought Boca Burgers and CIB, so I have to get back on track. Want to get down to 135 by the end of February for the party on the 25th!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Size 6 Jeans

So, my size 8 CK jeans are a little saggy in the rear, so while at Sams today I checked out the selection to see what they had. I picked up a size 6 CK jeans. They're tight, but I can get them on. I figured after wearing them for a while they'll stretch out. I tried on the dress again and it's still tight, but it looks so good. I found some cute shoes to go with it. OK, QUESTION for all you fashion ladies......(I'm clueless). The dress is knee length and the shoes I bought are a strappy open toed shoe. Do I wear pantyhose with it? Do they even make any without the seam at the toe? I need help because I really have no idea! My dad is still here, he leaves Tuesday then maybe I can get back on schedule. My eating hasn't been too good and I haven't worked out other than belly dance on Thursday. Gotta get to 140 by the 25th of February for the dinner party we have to attend. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Well, I did it. I went to a Jazzercise class yesterday. I must say, it was really tough, but I enjoyed it and felt like I really got a work out. The teacher was super nice and came over to talk to me before the class started. there were about 12 women in the class. It was 1 hour non-stop! Really think I'm going to join up and go at least 3 times a week. Athena had a blast in the kids class, she hugged me and took off never looking back. It's great for her to be away from me and around other kids and an adult for a little bit. Tonight is belly dancing class again. I'm so sore from yesterday I'll probably die tonight!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Taking A Break

Well, the last week has been totally crazy! My grandparents got here Tuesday night and moved into their new house yesterday. I've been running non-stop. It is a lot of work having 2 elderly people living with you but I am so happy we were able to have them here for a week before they got into their new home. I've been over there everyday unpacking boxes and getting things moved around. My dad gets here Saturday to help, so I'm not really putting furniture in "permanent" places, as he'll just come and move it! I went and got them groceries yesterday then went over today and unpacked 3 boxes and met with the sales person from the blind company to get that all ordered, then took my grandfather to the post office to get the mail box keys. I really had good intentions of starting jazzercise this week, but that's just not going to happen. I'm thinking maybe tomorrow I can go to a class, since I told my grandmother maybe tomorrow I'd take the day "off". Hopefully I can go, I'm so excited to go. I started my belly dancing class last Thursday (I almost forgot about it). I LOVE it! It was a lot of fun and the music was really good. My arms and stomach hurt so bad the next day. I wish it was more than once a week, but like I said if I start the jazzercise that'll be fun! Anyways, got on the scale this morning and I was sitting at 144.1, so that was good. Nothing else new to report that I can think of for now!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Weight Check In

Just a quick note, got on the scale this morning, weighed in at 145.3, so up less than 2lbs from December, but I've been bouncing from 143-147ish, so that's totally OK!

Monday, January 07, 2008

The Little Black Dress

They say every woman should have a "little black dress". Well as much as I'd love to have one that was sleeveless or strapless, with my arms right now that just isn't an option. So, I opted for this one. Steven has some semi-formal event next month and I have nothing to wear, so I went shopping today and found this. What do you guys think? I figure with some little strappy shoes and my pearls and my hair done up it will look really nice. Do you think it's formal enough or should I keep shopping? Either way I'm keeping it for other wearings because it looks totally awesome, plus it's a size 6 SIX!!!! Ok, so I can't breath because it's really tight on the top, but I figure if I start up my jazzercise the way I'm planning and since I'm starting the belly dancing classes I should be able to drop about 5 pounds so I can be comfortable in it! They didn't have an 8 so I had to get the 6! Anways, post comments if you guys think it'll be ok for semi-formal wear! It's a size 6 OMG!!! Also, don't pay attention to how I look, had the hair tied back and little make-up!

Friday, January 04, 2008

5 Day Pouch Test Never Mind

Well, I started off the day thinking maybe I could do it, but by late afternoon I had a killer head ache and was hungry, so I was like forget it! I didn't have to do liquid even after the surgery, so there's no way I'm going to suffer through it for 2 days for something that might tighten my stomach etc etc. So, needless to say, I ate dinner tonight! I also found out today that my doctor who did my surgery left the practice and is now in Utah. I was going to e-mail him with my progress, but he's gone, so I sent it to this other person there they said liked dealing with follow-up. Anyways, going to the mall to shop at Victoria's Secret tomorrow for new bras. I'm super excited to be shopping for a 34D! (OK so I really wisht it was a B or C, but beggers can't be choosers)!

5 Day Pouch Tightening Test

Well, after reading Dawn blog about this I figured what the heck, I'll try it, seeing how I can totally eat more now that I could even 6 months ago. So far I'm doing good. I had a CIB this morning then a bowl of beef stew (the broth only). We'll see how the rest of the day goes. I've been drinking water like it's going out of style! It'll be interesting to see if I can do it! Here it is in case some of you don't read Dawn's blog:

Day 1 and 2 - liquids.
Day 3 - eggs and fish
Day 4 - loose proteins (ground beef etc)
Day 5 - firm proteins

Have any of you guys ever heard of this? Supposedly it helps "tighten" the pouch back up. I've never read anything about it, but figured it wouldn't hurt me to try it. I figure if anything maybe it'll get me back focused on my eathing and what I'm putting in my mouth. I've been eating like crap lately and I know I can't do that, so maybe this will help me refocus! Anyways, worked out today, only 1/2 a mile on the elliptical and 120 situps,but hey, it's something! I signed up for a belly danching class starting next Thursday. I'm very excited, as it is totally outside of the box for me. I don't do things like that. I'm thinking about joining Jazzercise too. Anyone have any info/opinions on it? It just sounds fun and is pretty inexpensive plus they have child care, which would be great for Athena to start mingling with other little ones and be away from me for an hour a few times a week. Would love to hear what you guys think if anyone has tried it! Still sitting between 143-147 so I can't complaine! Thinking about maybe taking up tennis again too, but need to find someone to play with! Even one day a week would be fun, although it's so flipping cold here that that idea might have to wait until spring! I'm freezing 24/7! Hope everyone is off to an awesome start of 2008! It'll be Christmas again before you know it!