Thursday, June 22, 2006


I really think I have a problem! Everyday I wake up and think today is going to be the day I truely do this then by the end of the day I've failed.....I can't even keep up a program for a week! Been looking seriously at surgery, but if the insurance doens't cover it there's no way I can pay for it.....Like $25,! Never realized how expensive it is!

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Vania said...

maybe you are looking at losing weight the wrong way. Rather than choosing to LOSE WEIGHT, maybe you should think about choosing to LIVE IN A HEALTHY WAY. It totally changes the way you approach things. It means you stop trying to starve yourself (and then overeat cause you're so hungry...) and you eat regular good smaller portioned meals. you start to walk places instead of taking the bus or car... There is no such thing as a quick fix and maybe there is alot of truth in this for you? Just keeping it real... Don't give up!