Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Drama In Our House

Well, let's see where to begin. I had to call 911 yesterday. I have a 10 year old son and I've never had to call 911 or even deal with any injuries, but my 2 1/2 year old daughter is breaking me in! I'm telling you. I've never been so scared in my life. We were in the basement yesterday morning. I was cleaning/dusting, rearranging and she was playing. I had disconnected the surround sound and was taking the speakers to the storage room. I got back there and put a load down and I hear Athena coughing and screaming. I go running out and ask her what's wrong. She doesn't stop screaming and coughing. I grab her face and pry open her mouth to find one of those stupid magnetic marbles (the ones that you build things with the magnet sticks) in the back of her throat. I stuck my finger in her mouth to try and get it out but had no luck. She swallowed it and was choking and coughing. She was still screaming and coughing so I knew she was getting air but I freaked. I called 911 and they put me through to the fire department and dispatched someone. The lady kept me on the phone for a few until Athena calmed down and could talk a little. Then she hung up and within a few seconds the ambulance and fire truck were here. 5 guys came in and Athena was having no part of even letting them near her.....that is until they took off their gloves. Odd that she freaked out over the blue gloves. Anyways, the one guy, Chris, was totally awesome with her. They were all super nice and supportive and making sure I was Ok. They were here for about 10 minutes and said there was really no worry because it is round and smooth she should pass it in 1-2 days. She pooped yesterday and today and it still hasn't come out. Anyways, that was my excitement for Tuesday. I mean, seriously she's a girl and only 2 1/2!!! If this is a small showing of what I have to look forward to just kill me now!!! LOL! She's been fine every since, so hopefully it'll come out in a couple days! What an experience. My husband rushed home, the neighbors called, I mean seriously. Maybe I jumped the gun with calling 911 but I was freaking. I'm just glad all is OK. So, about these stupid Cheez-it's. They're totally bad to have around! TOTALLY!!!!!

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Susy said...

That's not a good way to get your heart moving Amber. LOL I'm glad to hear your baby is ok and doing good. Take care my friend!