Monday, March 10, 2008

Swim Suit Purchase

Well, I finally broke down today and bought a swim suit. Athena starts swim lessons on the 2nd so I figured I better get one. I looked at Wal Mart and Target and couldn't find anything that was supportive of the ladies. I ended up at Dillards. I spent way way way too much, more than I've ever spent on any one item of clothing (other than a jacket or shoes). It looks pretty nice though. I wish my arms weren't so gross looking though. Oh well, maybe in a year or so I can get them fixed. I'm thinking of maybe taking a pic of the suit and posting, we'll see. Still no marble.


Amber said...

Girl!! I tried on some bathing suits at Walmart last week and walked out w/ nothing! lol I bet you look fab in yours! I totally need to find a cute tankini... :) I'm so excited for summer to be here!!

Susy said...

Find the marble yet? LOL :)

Anonymous said...

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