Monday, May 11, 2009

The Little Things That Thrill Me

So for months and months I keep saying I want to clean the filter in my Dyson. You are suppose to do it every 6 months, I've had mine for almost 4 years and had no clue where the filter was. So tonight I pulled out the book to see. It was so simple, click click and it was out and I got it all cleaned. I was stupid am I!?!

Yesterday we went to Lowes and bought a picnic table. I've always wanted one, now I have one. Our house backs up to a wooded area that I've been cleaning up for a year now, so we put it back there between a lot of trees. Steven got it all sanded yesterday so now once the rain stops I can get it treated with some seal we bought.

We had a pretty relaxig Mother's Day. I got up around 9 (thank you Princess Athena) and did some cleaning on the main floor, dusted, vaccumed, swept, did some laundry. Steven didn't get home until like 4 so no breakfast in bed for me, which was fine. We had donuts (gag). So not a fan of donuts. I ate a plain cake donut so it wasn't as bad as some of them. Then when Steven got up he went out and pressure washed the deck and furniture the we ran to Lowes. When we got back I got the kids lunch outside while he sanded the picnic table, then we ate lunch outside on the deck. Next, got Athena down for a nap and we showered and got ready for company later in the day. We got a couple of shows in, then I got things ready for dinner. My dad, grandparents and sister came over and we did filet mignon on the grill with big baked potatoes with all the fixin's, corn and rolls. For dessert we had cheese cake with big ol' strawberries on top.....yum! Oh yea, in addition to my picnic table for Mother's Day, I got Beverly Hills 90210 season 4 (I know I'm sad) and my sister got me a bamboo wind chime (I've always wanted one, I love the sound).

After everyone left (my sister stuck around) we watched Greys. I'm so sad Izzie and George are leaving. I don't get why actors do that.... you have something good and are greedy and want more....Just look at the actors from Friends....none of them made it big in movies. Jennifer Aniston is really the only one and even then none of her movies have been OMG totally awesome.

Oh well.......Happy Monday night to everyone! Also, Jacob won his first game 17-13. He played catcher all but one inning, b/c he needed a break. He did great....althought I was a nervous wreck! He went to bat 3 times, 1 walk (he ended up stealing and scoring) 1 strike out, and 1 single (they called the game due to time right after that last hit).


Kim said...

Sounds like you had a great mother's day! I love working outside now that most of my excess weight has come off! There is something so cleansing about that process!

Susy said...

silly gurl!

come by my blog for an award. ☺

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