Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Back to semi-normal for now

Well, I'm done with travel for now. We took a weekend trip to Omaha to go to the zoo and a few museums. It was really nice, one of the best I've been to next to San Diego. The kids loved it. We were there for 7 hours. Talk about exhausting! I joined "Face Book". Not too sure what to make of it, seems like there is a lot of info on there. Just people randomly posting stuff. We'll see how long I last on it. So weight has been pretty much stable. I'm up about 3-4 lbs but I feel good about it. I feel like I look good and not skinny like I had been before. My clothes are all still fitting the same so that's good. I really do need to get my snacking under control though. I find myself nibbling on crackers and cookies more often than not. Anyways, posting a few pics from our trip this past weekend!


Kim said...

I love Facebook! Friend me if you want (Kimbery Stolins-Jones).

Great photos!

Stefani said...

I love it, thank for sharing!
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