Saturday, June 16, 2007

Down 3.2lbs this week

Well, since last Saturday I've droppend another 3.2lbs! That takes me to 192.3, only 42.3lbs to goal! If I continue losing 3lbs/week I should be at my goal within the next 14 weeks! Wow, that means if I lose 3lbs a week I can be 150 by September 22. How awesome if I hit goal by then. Who knows if it will happen and if it doesn't thats OK, I'm just a numbers person! Anyways, very excited about my loss this week! Will update when I weigh in Wednesday! Going out to eat for Father's day tomorrow. I hate going out because I never know what to order. At least I can always fall back on a salad! Gotta go fold sheets, will post Wednesday!

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Anonymous said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! Thank you for the wishes on my mom and the laugh I needed it so badly today (about your experience with the dietician and how we got this way overnight lol) Thank you my friend I think we should start a chat room for all of us what ya think :) take care of you hun :)