Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Feeling Pretty at 6 Months

You know, I never looked at myself in the mirror and thought I was ugly but I never felt pretty, if that makes any sense. It's amazing how you see yourself after losing 113.4lbs. You read that right, as of today, my 6 month anniversary, I've lost 113.4lbs. Down from 307 to 193.6. Measurement Changes:

Hips 62 to 46

Waist 52.5 to 39

Chest 48 to 37 1/2

Size 26/28 to 16

BMI 49.52 to 32.21

1 comment:

Susy said...

Hot damn Amber. You look great! Your skinny minny. Your legs are small and so is your waist. You do look pretty! Great photo!