Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another Day

Well, tomorrow I turn 31. It's hard to believe a year ago at this time I was over 300lbs. It's amazing how things have changed. I keep forgetting to do a picture, what a ditz. I will try and remember to have one done tomorrow during my "family party". Anyways, my mom is here, so eating will be crummy for the next week, probably won't be losing any weight for the next week. As long as I'm below goal by my 1 year anniversary I'll be happy! Well, that's a lie, I'm already happy and frankly I could care less about that last 3.1lbs. I bought myself a few sweaters from Lane Bryant size 14/16 and they were wayyyyyyy too big. Like just hanging. So it's sad because I can't use my discount, but so awesome that I can't fit into those clothes anymore. I did pick up some panties there size 14/16. I'm wearing an 18/20 that were from the summer, so I figure a 14/16 should fit OK. We'll see if they fit. I had to get a 36 D size bra...yea! Now if we can just get down to a C. Anyways, nothing new to report really, will try and get a picture up soon.

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