Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Starting to Work

Well, I got a job. I start Saturday morning. I've very excited. I'll be working at Lane Bryant. I've never done retail before, so I'm excited to start something totally different, plus I'm totally looking forward to getting out of the house and being around other adults. They are OK with me working 2 1/2 days a week, so that's totally cool. Only bad thing is the discount really won't benefit me anymore because their clothes are too big, but I can still buy jewlery and bras, so that's cool!

I got my hair cut this past weekend. It is short. I chickened out on getting it colored. I like it, just spoiled from being able to tie it back and run out the door. Not use to having to actually fix my hair before I leave the house. Anyways, haven't been on the scale in a few. Will try and remember to strip down and get on tomorrow.

Will have Steven taken a picture of me all dressed up with my new hairdo on my first day of work Saturday.

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Susy said...

Cool... would love to see the new do. Congrats on the job. That is one reason I got my job, to get out of the house and keep my sanity. Have a good day and be looking forward to the new photo. :) Susy