Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm Back and weighing 153.1

Well, after a nice trip to Vegas I'm back and trying to get caught up! I left Thursday early early in the moring and got back Tuesday afternoon. It was a very busy trip, but it was nice to see my dad and grandparents. I missed the kids a lot though. I've never left Athena before, so that was really hard! Anyways, I'm down to 153.1 as of this morning. Only 3.1lbs to go! I've been slacking with protein and exercise so I know if I'd get my butt in gear I'd already be down that 3.1lbs already. I'm into a size 10 now, so that is totally awesome. Everyone in Vegas was shocked. Even after it only being 2 months since I left they couldn't believe how small I am. What, are you kidding, me small? Puhleaz! I even got called skinny a couple of times, how totally crazy is that! Anyways, I still need to take a picture. My dad took one while I was there, but what I was wearing just didn't reflect how small I've gotten so I need to try and take one this weekend and get it posted. I got caught up on everyone's blogs last night. Will be posting my comments for everyone soon! I've missed reading about everyone. It's funny how you become part of a persons life that you don't even know.

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Susy said...

OH Amber, I'm so happpy for you. You got past your happy goal and your going to see 150 and below I just know it. Great job. My internet friends support me a lot as well and look forward to posts too. And your one of those people. :)