Monday, November 19, 2007

Skinny, Me?

Ok, so yesterday at work I got called skinny at least 3 times. Seriously, I know compared to ladies who shop in the store I look like a toothpick, but I'm not skinny. I'm healthy. To me skinny is bones and not healthy and I've still got a little meat on my bones. Haven't been on the scale since the 11th, probably tomorrow if I can remember. Eating is crap. What the hell is wrong with my head. I'm snacking and I know I shouldn't be. I wish I could zap my mind! Gotta get myself under control or that weight will creep right back on! Can't believe Thanksgiving is in 3 days, where has the year gone. Nothing new going on here. Still nothing on the Vegas house which is making for a serious financial struggle, but we're managing!

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