Friday, November 30, 2007

Just a Quick Check In

I don't want to be one of those people who blog once a month after they've hit their goal, so I figured I'd check in at least. There really is absolutely nothing new to report on my end. I got on the scale this morning and it hasn't moved(last weight in 11/20 146.8), but I'm OK with that. I did have to go shopping because my size 10s were falling off me, so I'm now officially in a size 8. I don't even think I was that small when I got married. I wear a size 8, I NEVER dreamed I'd fit into a size 8. I was going to be happy at a 12 and now here I am 2 sizes smaller! Anyways, another note, I've discovered something terrible and wonderful all in one. The turkey and swiss Freschetta from Wendy's. OMG it is the best sandwich in the entire world! I can eat almost 1/2 of one so one lasts me two meals. It is soooooo yummy! It's bad though because I wouldn't let the kids eat fast food because I don't like anything at Mc Donalds or BK anymore, but now I've found this! NOT GOOD! Only once in a while! I've had it twice in the last two weeks! No more for a while!


Susy said...

A size 8 Amber. Wow, what a feeling. Very wonderful, I'm happy for you. Glad to see your post, as I missed them!

rmcdavid said...

Amber, you look great. keep up the good work. I am new to this sight. just reading your blog.