Wednesday, December 12, 2007


It is hard to believe it has been one year since my surgery. It all went by so much faster than I ever thought it would. I am just amazed with the things I do now. There were so many things I'd dread doing, like getting dressed to go shopping, or cleaning, basically anything that was active and not laying around. My life has changed so so very much. I am still mentally challenged every day when I want a handful of this or a nibble of that or something I know I shouldn't eat and I've accepted that this is something I will have to deal with for the rest of my life. I just tell my self everyday, "today is a new day" so any errors I made yesterday are done and over and I have to start fresh today, there will never be a "well starting next week, or starting Monday, or I mine as well wait until the first of the month. Everyday is a new beginning for me.


Weight 307
Bust 48in
Waist 52.5in
Hips 62in
Arms 19in
Thighs 34in
Bra Sz 48DDD
Clothes Sz 26/28 or XXL
BMI 49.5

Weight 143.5lbs
Bust 33in
Waist 30in
Hips 35.5in
Arms 11.5in
Thighs 21in
Bra Sz 34D
Clothes Sz 6/8 or M/L
BMI 23.8


Susy said...

Yahoo Amber! Great job. You look wonderful and sounds like your feeling great too. And that's what is most important. I thought about you this morning and glad you blogged. Don't stop blogging, I'd miss you. YOUR BLOGGER FRIEND Susy

Brad Garland said...

Hi Amber,

You're looking great and I bet feeling great. I'm not quite at a 1-year mark yet but couldn't be happier w/ my decision. Hey, if you're interested, come check out the little weight loss surgery network we have created and come be a part.

Here's a invite link to join!

Susy said...

Merry Chritmas Amber. Just wanted to say Merry day and Happy New Year to my internet friend. :) Susy