Friday, August 29, 2008

Official Weigh In & 2 Things I Hate But Love

So, Jumped on the scale this morning. I've been between 137-142 most of the time. Today, weighed in at 137.4, which is the lowest I've ever been, but I was already there back in June, so no new low....dang where is that 135......I laugh when I look back, I think my original goal was 175, then 150, and here now I want 1.6more pounds, what is wrong with me?!?! Like I've always said it's just saying I hit that number once in my life! I'm completely happy with being 137.4. I don't understand one thing though, I swear I need to buy a size 4...but I don't get why. If I haven't lost any more weight why are my pants too big?!? Any of you guys notice that?!?

OK, so 2 Things I Hate But Love.......

Pizza....eventhough I can only eat maybe 1 slice of thin, I can still put a lot down throught the day. I hate having pizza in the house, because it is so good right out of the fridge....I LOVE COLD PIZZA!

Candy....I've learned that having those bite-size pices of candy around the house is a bad thing. While eating one completely satisfies me at that given lose track of how many you stop and eat one at a time throughout the day!

I haven't forgotten about my list I'm suppose to be working on......just haven't had time to sit down and think.

Also...big day, we pooped in the potty for the first time! She freaked though, not sure why! Doing great with peeing in the potty though! Now if we can just master the night time.....not going to rush that yet....just happy that we're peeing during the day!

Hope you all have a nice long weekend!


morbidly obtuse said...

Yeah, potty training is going a bit better here too! Yay for potty training! As to needing smaller pants, but not losing weight....maybe you're just getting toned now? You haven't lost weight, because you're gaining muscle and still losing fat? Just a thought. My first goal is to shop in the misses department again! I can't wait! Woot Woot!

Susy said...

I too have learned that I can not have candy in the house. I will pick at it through out the day and my ass will return if I do so. LOL I'd say all those loads of barkdust, sanding the freaking deck and baseball has your body still changing. Still waiting on that new pic Amber of you short hair... :) Have a great day. And congrat on the potty thing. Oh yeah!