Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh How I Love The Spa

So, I had my spa day today.....I could do it every week if it weren't so expensive. I really wanted a massage, but the only thing they had available were facials. So I got some kind of enzymatic facial that was great. In addition, they put toxin removal mudd on your feet and wrap them in foil. They you also get a hand and arm massage as well as a little rub on your neck and shoulders. It was super nice, although I still prefer a massage. The nice thing about this place is they have mineral spas you can go in before your service, so I soaked in the hot mineral spa for about 15 minutes before my service, then I went and sat in the lounge and read until it was my time. After they have litereally everything you need but make-up to get ready for your day, so I took full advantage of that! I showered, got dressed, dried my hair, etc etc so I could go do some running around since Steven took the day off and was at home with the kids. I went to Marshalls to look for some shoes, not too impressed with that store, it's too expensive in my opinion...guess I'm just cheap! I then went to Sams to pick a few things up then home. We got our new TV today so we moved the 50" and stand down to the basement for Jacob and set-up the new TV and stand. It was quite the chore hooking everything up. All we need now is the Bose Surround sound and I think we'll be finished with electronics in my household! Anyways, now tomorrow I have to drag both rugrats with me to go see my insurance agent about changing my IRA, hopefully it won't take long. We're on spring break this week, so not sure what we're going to do. The weather is beautiful, so maybe we'll go to the park and for a hike or something!

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Liza said...

I LOVE the Spa and I am totally jealous!!! :)