Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A New Day

Well, so far I've started off my day good. I decided if I want that last 15lbs I have to work for it to earn it. Sitting on my rear and eating bad isn't going to get that 15lbs off. I went out and got FF milk and boca burgers so I can bump up my protein. I've tried all sorts of bars and just can't find any with low sugar that I like. I love the slimfast bars but they are loaded with sugar and don't have much protein considering the calories and sugar. So I started my day with my carnation instant breakfast then Athena and I took a walk to the park (I think it's a little over 2 miles round trip). Now I just have to get the mindless snacking taken care of in the evenings. Going to do a boca burger and a little rice for lunch! I can hardly wait! LOL

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Susy said...

Thanks for the comment. It helps knowing we all have these weeks. You look so great Amber, be good to yourself. You have done amazing and I believe you will get to your new goal you have set for yourself. Have a good week and thanks for being some of my support! Susy