Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Scale is not moving

The scale is stuck...literally, it's not moving, it's just sitting there at 165...stupid scale....ya know, it's so funny because months ago I said I'd be thrilled to get to 175 and that anything after that would be great but I wouldn't freak out, so why am I freaking out at 165, why do I want that 150 so bad, I mean seriously, I've lost 142lbs. Anyways, going to get back on track with working out now that the family is gone. Next wave comes in October 23 and I'm leaving for a business trip October 11-16, so I have a month. I'd like to drop another 5lbs before I leave, so I've gotta start getting my protein again and working out. Going on Sept 29 for a new hair style. Thinking something like the picture to the right. What do you guys think? It's drastic but I need a big change. Thinking about changing my color too, just not sure what color, maybe red or black, something totally different....give me feedback...would love to hear what you guys think!

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Susy said...

I looked back at the picture you posted a few weeks ago. I think that haircut will look great on you. You face is so slim and it will look great. I'd say go for it... that's my 2 cents. :) have a good evening! Susy