Sunday, July 13, 2008

Maybe We're Heading In The Right Direction

Well, let's see. Steven came home last Saturday, the 5th, but his eye swoll back up a little under the lid. We went to the doctor on Monday and he said to just watch it and if it gets worse call. Well, we went back on Thursday for another follow-up and it had gotten worse. So, they ordered a CAT scan Friday plus we had an eye appointment Friday. So the CAT scan showed the blood was pooled in the lower lid under the eye, not in or behind the eye which was what they were worried about. So far it maybe has gone down a little, but we go back again tomorrow to the PS, so hopefully he'll be pleased with the way it is looking. I'm just so ready for him to get out of my's driving me nuts. I'm not use to sharing my house during the day! Plus this whole thing has got my eating and exercise totally wacked. I haven't worked out in weeks and I'm eating like crap. Frozen foods, Subway (a lot), frozen pizza...just not eating how I should be. I'll just be so glad when we get done with this mess and at least get Steven fixed up and back to work. I've given up on trying to figure out when that will be. On a positive note, I did do some yard work today. More work in the wooded area in the back. I got 4 bags of yard waste and a bucket of logs and sticks. I was out for about 2 hours. Then, I'm so happy, I posted on Craigs' list for someone to sand my deck. Well, I got a ton of responses and have a guy coming to work on it tomorrow. He said it'll take about 8-10 hours to finish and he'll charge $15/hour. After that I'll worry about staining. I've been quoted $550 and $300 to stain it, but I'm thinking I might really try it myself. We'll see, I'm really in no position to be spending money on something like that considering we're on WC pay, but I'm so freaking sick of my patio furniture sitting on my patio on the other side of my house! Anyways, off to figure out what we're going to watch this evening! Hope everyone has a wonderful week! Going to try and post a new pic this week too. I cut my hair last week, super short, shorter than before, wow, not too sure about the bangs, but I love the sides/back! Still weighing between 137-141, so I'm happy about that!

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Susy said...

You made me giggle out loud when you said "you want him out, he is driving you crazy". I love my hubby but I HAVE to have some alone time. I so get that! :) Wishing your family and speedy recovery. Take care of Amber and I can't wait to see the pictues.