Friday, July 04, 2008

Shoot Me Now

There's always a twist. So, yesterday morning when Steven gets up his face is all big and puffy and hard. Well, he had a 10am follow-up appointment with the plastic surgeon. As soon as we walked in he was like something isn't right. He checked Steven out and was pretty concerned. He called the eye specialist and after being at the PS's office for 2 hours the eye specialist finally got back to him and said to send Steven over. So, he examined him and determined the bleeding wasn't in the eye, but maybe in the sinus area. Now, just so you know both Dr. White and Dr. Camarata are pretty high powered well know doctors. So, Dr. White's nurse walks us downstairs to the hospital and within like 30 miutes Steven was getting prepped for another angieogram before even doing paperwork to be admitted. Well, again the found no active bleeding, however they went ahead and clamped 2 vessels in the sinus area that feed to another larger vessel. After that it was off to get a CAT scan then back into the OR to do another operation to remove the blood collection in his cheek. So, needless to say he is back in the hospital until at least Sunday. They are keeping a close eye on him because before he presented find but then things got bad. So, yesterday was a super duper long day. Left for the doctor's appointment at 9:30am and I didn't get home until 9:30pm. Happy 4th Everyone!


Susy said...


Oh Amber. I'm so sorry! All over a hit in the face. I'm thinking of you and hoping for him to be home and WELL. Take care girl.


Brooke said...

Oh man, that really sounds horrible! I am so sorry you are being put through all of this. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery...starting now.

Amber said...

:( you are in my thoughts!