Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Day In The Life of Amber

Well, let's start off with a new low.....137.1 almost there!!! OMG where to begin. The last week has been totally crazy. I posted that Steven had surgery Friday and everything went good. Well his face got really puffy and hard Saturday, so they sent him for a CAT scan to see if it was blood or swelling. Well, it was blood, so Sunday they went in and operated again to get the blood clot out. They kept him in ICU overnight for monitoring. Well, Monday his face got all puffy and hard again. They didn't see anything bleeding when they operated so now they're wondering why he's bleeding and where it's coming from. They need to do an angeogram, but they don't do that at the hospital we were at, so they transfer him to another hospital, but our doctor doesn't have priviliges there, but luckily his brother is a neurosurgeon there so he admits my husband. So, Tuesday they do an angeogram to try and locate the bleeding. Well, basically what they found was no active bleeding at the time of the test but that there was damage to the artery that pumps blood to the eye and that it was damaged from the initial blow to the eye. They finally released him this morning, but he has to take it very easy b/c of the incision on the groin from the angeogram. On a positive note, they did extensive eye exam testing Monday and everything looked good, so that was relief. He just can't look up but they think that is b/c of the swelling in the eye from the surgery. Anyways, we're in for lots of follow-up appointments but at least he's home. Athena turned 3 today, so he was so happy he got to be home for her party. She is such a princess and had a wonderful day and party. We did a Dora theme!


Susy said...

Well first off congrats on that new low Amber. Man, it's still just falling off of you. Great work. It's your hard work. Mowing, moving, gardening. Happy to hear your hubby is home and you found the problem. Stressful week it sounds. A Dora party must of helped. He he... have a good fourth Amber!

Amber said...

Yay on the 137! You are doing amazing!! ALMOST THERE!!! :) Your poor hubby! :( I'm keeping in my prayers! Happy Bday Athena!