Monday, July 21, 2008

Moving Again

Well, I'm getting my butt in gear and moving like I should. Let's see last Thursday I mowed the yard (thought I was going to die) it was so totally hot and humid out! After I mowed the yard, I blew the driveway and back areas. Then, Saturday, we had a parents vs. kids game for Jacob's baseball, so I played baseball for 1 1/2 hours Saturday morning (got 3 hits and scored twice, thought I was gonna die from running those bases, also, did I mention I caught a fly ball....go me!) I think Jacob was proud eventhough he acted "mad" because we were playing against him! Then after that game, I went to Bed Bath & Beyond, Michaels, Best Buy, Lowes, Pet Co, and Target. Then after all that, came home and spent 3 hours outside planting plants and working in the back wooded area. I was literally dripping wet when I came inside. From morning to that evening I dropped 5lbs, all water weight because of the sweating I did! Today, we went out for a 30 minute bike ride, again it was totally hot out, then I went swimming twice. Took Jacob this afternoon while Athena was napping, then when she got up we went back down to the pool. Gotta keep this up, I feel so proud and good about myself when I'm moving!!! We're hoping Steven will be back to work the first week in August....keep your fingsers crossed. I'm actually scheduled for surgery next Wednesday, the 30th, to have my birthmark removed. I looked into it years ago (it's about 2" round on my left elbow). They would have to insert a "balloon" into the arm then slowly insert something in it to stretch the skin. Well thanks to my being fat and now skinny, I have enough excess skin that that step can be skipped. When I went to the PS for a consult about my arms, he asked about my birthmark and I told him why I wasn't interested in doing it. He told me no stretching and insurance should be OK with it, so I said, well if insurance approves it then let's go for it. So we're going. I have to go under, which sucks, but it should be pretty much like having a large cut on my arm, no nerves or muscles will be touched. I go for my preop consult Friday with Steven (same PS who did his surgery)!

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Brooke said...

maybe you should post a before and after of the birthmark removal ;) I hope everything goes well!