Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008 Hello 2009

2008 has been a rough year medically for my husband. I am praying that 2009 will be only preventative medicine, other than my arm surgery that I hope I can get this year!

So, for the start of 2009 I'm faced with the decision of a plea bargin for the guy that hit my husband. The attorney says that we need to "make an offer" if we want, or if we choose he can move forward full what to do. I have never dealt with anything like this and have no clue what is acceptable, so what do we do?!?

I have absolutely no plans for the evening, I'm sure I'll be in bed before midnight. It's funny how 10-12 years ago this night was such a big deal and now it's just another day. Just another thing that makes me realize I'm older. Oh well, I have accomplished quite a bit for a 32 year old!

2009 Goals/Plans

*Maintain my current weight
*Try to get more protein in
*Try to work out more regularly
*Spend more quality time with my family
*Try and budget money better and not shop so much
*Keep my head held high and be proud of my weight loss
*Try and get my family more active

Hope you all have a wonderful, safe New Years Eve and a Happy healthy 2009!!

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Susy said...


Here's to 2009 and health to your whole family. Great goals Amber! Your doing great!

Happy New Year!