Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Seriously, Could it BE any colder

OMG, I'm so ready for summer!!! I don't think it got to 20 today! It is just so cold outside. We got about 4" of snow Monday, so no school Tuesday, which now pushes the last day to the 27th of May. There's a 90% chance of "freezing rain" tomorrow, so we'll see if there's school tomorrow. I'm starting to freak b/c my sister's wedding is on the 30th, so not sure how we're going to do the wedding if Jacob's still in school. Just FYI, I'm one of those parents who does not let my child miss school for anything, unless he was super sick or something. But he's in 5th grade and has never missed a day of school, which he prides himself in! I finally worked out today, just wasn't into it though. Not sure why. I actually started my day doing a few final Christmas purchases, then worked out, then came home and cleaned (my mom and brother get here Monday and I work all weekend). Then I showered, got dressed and went back out with both the kids. I think it was like 15 outside when we finally got home! Anyways, I'm finally going to sit down and relax and watch Y & R. BTW, Susy, I LOVE the video. I've watched it like 3 times already....cracked me up!


Susy said...

:) That was my creation of my favorite blogger friends!

Hope it warms up. My best friend lives in Freeman MO and she is froze too. Keep warm and Merry Christmas to you and your family Amber!


zamy said...

Wow snow! Sadly here it is rainy and in the 50's.
Yake care!