Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Working Out

It seems like I'm an "Every Other Week" person. Last week, I went Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri working out, now this week, it's like I have stuff to do so it interfers with working, which is a sad excuse. Actually today, it's super snowing outside, so I was not about to go out in this. So far it looks like we've had about 2" and it's still coming down. It's 27 out but feels like 13 and is windy. I did get a lot accomplished around the house today. I finished up our Christmas cards, finished up cards for all of Steven's employees (84 to be exact) then finished up the presents for his employees (60 of those). I bought coffee mugs last Christmas so I got candy and filled them then wrapped them in celephane. It took FOREVER...I hope they appreciate it. Wish we could do more for them, but even a $5 gift card for each would be over $300 and that just isn't an option for us right now. Anyways, just thought I'd post. Also, went looking for a size 4 dress pants at Sams Club and guess what, they don't carry size 4, smallest they carry is 6...nice, so now I have to go spend more money and buy some at a department store. Maybe Wal Mart or Target will have some. My size 6 literally hang on my hips.


zamy said...

Wooo Hooo for small jean sizes and snow!
God is good girl

Susy said...

Thought of you today! Dec. 12, two years ago today. :)

CONGRATS Amber to your health and future!

Happy surversary day!