Friday, January 16, 2009

Why do so many WLS patients want to run?

Why is it so many WLS patients want to run? I use to think I wanted to run, however once I started running I thought what the HELL am I thinking? It's bad for your knees, ankles, joints, etc. Anyways.....just thought that was funny!
So, it snowed all morning today so we didn't go work out at my dads. Which in turn resulted in CRAP eating! Why is that.....being at home = eating stuff I know I shouldn't! Now the sun is out but it is like 22 outside but feels like 10.
Anyways, Steven and I are going on a date tonight, very excited about that. I think we're going out for Mexican food then he wants to go to a movie, but I'd rather just go stroll through the aisles of Wal-Mart....what is wrong with me?!? That's my idea of a fun night out with my husband...LOL!!! I'm so corny!


Susy said...

LOL ur funny not corny. Just have fun, that's all that matters. Have a good evening out! :)

Brooke said...

That is so funny! When my husband and I go out, my favorite thing is dinner and a Wal-mart stroll. For some reason it's not really his idea of fun though, but I usually win. As far as the WLS and running thing, one of the main things I wanted to be able to do was run, but I think I just want a runners body, not necessarily to have to work to get it ;) Have a good one.

Amber said...

Hey have you been reading my blog about the couch to 5k thing? LMAO!

Diminishing Dawn said...

Many people want to run post op because it is the total opposite of who they were. Morbidly obese and a "runner" are pretty much polar opposites. :)