Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Updated Pic

Here's my mug.......figured it had been a while since I posted a picture, so here it is. Jacob had a performace at school tonight, so I had to actually get dressed and put make-up on and do my hair! Got super sick last night, ate chicken nuggets for dinner and boy did they go down wrong. Needless to say I was hugging the sink for about 20 minutes and my face now looks like a blotchy mess. I could never be bulimic, my face gets blood vessels busted so easily that I would have never got away with it. Anyways, enjoy the pic! :) Haven't weighted in a while, last time I checked I was at 143. Also, has anyone else had trouble finding the Carnation Instant Breakfast low sugar/no sugar? I went to Target & Wal-Mart and neither have it, nor is there a spot for it on the shelf. So I bought a canister of High Protein Lower Sugar Slim Fast. It's like 200 calories and 15g of protein, I'm guessing that's just the powder, not including the Skim milk. We'll see how it tastes tomorrow for breakfast.


Susy said...

I love that shirt Amber. But I have a "shirt" habit I can't help... LOL

You look great girl. Nice seeing ya!

Anonymous said...

Amber, you are looking good!
I don't have problems with things like nuggets, I get tons of gas from sugars and milks...

Kaleene and Shawn Henn said...

I am not really sure how often you check this but I wanted to ask you some questions. I have read your entire blog and have followed it for a bit. I am always hoping to check back and find more updates. I am about 1 week away from approval for my own surgery and I am starting to get a bit nervous. I am wondering if you could shed some light on my anxieties. What concerns did you struggle with or did you? What was it really like following surgery? Do you have any regrets? Was it all worth it? Have you gained any weight back now? Would you advise someone to have the surgery? I know these are personal questions, but I thought you would be perfect to answer them. You can email me at kaleenehenn@gmail.com if you have time. Thanks so much. K