Tuesday, February 03, 2009


So, I made a comment like last week or the week before asking why all WLS patients want to be runners after they lose weight. I hate running, really I do, but today I did something I've never done in my life. I RAN 1 mile without stopping! ONE WHOLE MILE!!! I am so proud of myself and excited and shocked. I really felt like I could go farther, but I figured I better stop, as my legs are probably going to be major sore tomorrow!

1/4 mile walking 5 incline 3.5mph
1 mile running 3 incline 5mph
did lower body weights

Let's see the songs that got me through my mile non-stop:

I'm Yours by Jason Mraz 4:03
Single Ladies byt Beyonce 3:13
Cyanide by Metallica 6:39

It seemed to make running easier doing it by song.

Came home and vaccumed and dusted and swept. My grandfather's 89th birthday is Thursday so they're coming over tonight for tacos/cake/presents.

I can't believe I ran a mile! Oh, in 12 minutes. Steven was really proud, he said in the Army you had to do like 2 miles in 15 minutes. I just laughed. Maybe one day, but I won't hold my breath!

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Susy said...

Ta Da...way to go girl! Your pushing yourself and getting stronger. :) doing a little dance here in Oregon for you Amber. YAHOO