Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wii Fit

So, I got a Wii Fit for Valentine's Day. So far it's really fun. We are all enjoying it. Athena was doing the half moon yoga pose by herself, talk about cute. She loves the balancing board with the balls and the soccer balls. Anyways, I worked out today and am going to get on the fit here in a little while. I did sprint a 1/4 mile today at about wearing me out! I don't think I could ever do an entire mile at that rate.

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Teri said...

Cool on the Wii Fit. I think perhaps I might ask for a Wii and the Wii fit sometime in the future.
I couldn't reply to your comment by email, but I started at a size 30/32 and I'm comfortably in a 28 now and squeezing into 26. I won't wear those yet! LOL