Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Ladies Are Officially Smaller

Well, the packers have been here for the last two days and there are boxes everywhere you look. They finished around noon today, so we decided after Athena got up to go to the mall to get out of the house. I just got new bras but they're too big, so we went to get some new ones. I love going to Layne Bryant. They have the best bras and they're usually on sale. Plus they always have someone there to measure you and with my weight changes I wanted to see where I was. I almost fell over when she told me I need a 38D. WHAT?????? I asked her are you sure you did the math right? I told her I'm currently in a 40DDD that is too big, but to go from a DDD to a D, that can't be right. She said, well, let's try on a 38 D and a 38DD and go from there. So, I took one of each. I tried on the D first and it fit! OMG, it fit, what the heck! So, I'm officially a 38D......I was a 36C 10 years ago, so looks like I might see that number again....I'm just so happy to be in a D. Plus I look so much smaller now and perkier!


Dawn said...

Boobs are usually the first to go! I went from a DD to a B cup. As well, they hang down terribly now and are very "flat". I found that the Victoria SEcret ITEC (or whatever it is called) bra saved the day.

Susy said...

I know your bz with your move and all. Just been looking for you and missing your blog. Hope the move went save and your well. Take care! :)

wannabe_loser said...

I loaded up on some new bras this weekend too, went from a 44DD to a 40D and I can tell it won't be long until I'll have to get new ones again too.