Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Not Feeling So Hot

So, we went out this morning and ran some errands. When we got home I felt a little strange. All of a sudden it hit me and I had to run to the bathroom. Then I started shaking and had goosebumps all over. I had to curl up on the couch with a heavy blalnket. Finally I went and ran a super hot bath and soaked for about 20 minutes. Then I got out and laid in bed for about an hour and a half. THen I was hot, OMG, so super hot. I finally got up and am feeling a little better. My head is pounding so I took some tyelenol. I'm not hot or cold anymore, thank goodness because that shaking was freaking me out. Anyways, hopefully it's just some little bug or something. I ate the same thing as the kids last night and this morning, so I know it's not food poison. So strange how one minute I was fine and the next felt like I was going to die. I'm fixing to go find something for lunch. Really not hungry, but I know I should eat a little something.

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