Tuesday, August 28, 2007

For some reason when I added the picture to the left it kept stretching it and making it all crazy, so I figured until I can fix it I'll just insert the picture here. This was taken Sunday, so 8 months and 2 weeks post-op. I've lost 140.5lbs. The shirt and pants in this picture are both a little big, but it's all I have. Since it is going to start getting cold soon I'm holding off on shopping for another 6 weeks or so. The shirt is an XL and the jeans are a 14. I went "trying on" shopping at Sears Grand last week and squeezed into a 10 but OMG I could barely breath, so I'm thinking I'll be able to do a 12 shortly b/c they were a little snug too. I look at myself and cannot believe the change from 8 months ago. When I'm out and I see people who are severly overweight I want to just go tell them, OMG, I was like you and now look at me thanks to this tool I received. I don't understand why insurances don't pay for this. Getting up the nerve to have this surgery was the best thing I could have ever done. I think I look younger too, what do you guys think? It seems like when people lose weight they look older because all the wrinkles that were filled out with fat show up. Who knows, I just know I'm feeling great and can't imagine being where I was 8 months ago. I'm a totally different person. Have to start working out again. Hopefully this week I can get my butt in gear now that everything in the house is in place! Thinking maybe doing a family evening walk or something. That might be nice for a change! Even two times a week or something!

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Susy said...

WOW Amber. You look so so so great. Thanks for posting it for us. You do look younger and just great! Great photo! I too had trouble with adding photos on the side bar. I messed with it forever. I think I just kept making the photo smaller. I made the photo like size 1.4 or something and took the check mark out of stretch to fit and it worked at last. But my August pic made me look wide and short. LOL Great job Amber and you look marvelous. You spent a good part of your weight loss away from your hubby didn't you, what does he think? Hubba Hubba... :)