Saturday, February 16, 2008

I swear when it rains it pours

So, we finally got the hot water heater fixed yesterday after calling Lowes and complaining to them about Whirlpool and their service. Now, the freaking thing is leaking F*%$$@ gas. I mean SERIOUSLY. WTF!!! I woke up in the middle of the night and got Steven up and told him I smelled gas, of course, he smelled nothing and went and checked the fireplace, drier and HWH. He said he smelled nothing. Then tonight when we got home from my grandparents house I got blasted with it. So after getting Athena down and everything I went and checked the FP, Drier, HWH and could smell it coming out of the HWH. So, I called Lowes and they said at this time of night they could try and get someone but weren't sure if they could and recommended that I call the gas company, so I called them. Waiting now for someone to come out to check it. I mean seriously. I'm done with being responsible and mature. Screw that, where did it get me? A week without hot water and now a gas leak. I'm not doing any preventative. Until it breaks I'm not doing anything to anything!! LOL. Anyways, just had to vent. Didn't work out yesterday b/c we were running around then Jacob had a 1/2 day at school and we just bummed out the rest of the afternoon. Then today I worked from 12-4 then Steven went to work and we went to my grandparents. I know those are sad excuses, but what can I say. I wore my size 6 jeans to work today. They look totally hot. A little tight, but that's good because I like showing off my slim figure. The shirt I wore is so totally cute but is large. I bought it back in october and wore it a few times but now it's too big. Anyways, haven't been on the scale in a while, not sure I want to get on with the way I've been eating. Hope that dress fits next Monday the 25th. The sunless tanning lotion isn't as great as I first thought it was. I thought maybe I was gettind darker but now I'm not so sure. I'm thinking seeing a change was all in my head. Anyways, gonna go so I can wait for the gas guy! Hopefully I don't kill over from gas. If I do, you guys are my witnesses it wasn't suicide! That's so sad to say, but hey, putting it in writing doesn't hurt right!?!

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