Thursday, February 07, 2008

Talking About Nothing

Nothing new going on, just felt like blogging. So I discovered a sugar free protein bar that doesn't taste too bad but is a little pricey. It's the Think Thin Bar.

Weight: 2.1oz
Protein: 20g
Calories: 240
Fat Calories: 80
Fat 8g
Carbs 26g
Sugar: ZERO!!

I got the Chunky Peanutbutter and it was pretty good. I think it was $1.69 for 1 bar and I got it at Target. They had chocolate chip but I only wanted to buy 1 to try it. I love that it's sugar free and the 20g of protein. Think I'll go pick up a few more. Even if I could eat them every other day for breakfast. I took me about an hour and a half to eat it. I'm totally stalled with my weight. I'm up and down and all over the map between 142 and 147. One day I'm low and the next I'm high, I don't get how your weight can fluctuate that much over a 24 hour period. I'm eating like crap too. I'm working on it but gosh, it is just so hard. I've worked out the last 2 days in a row. Done 1 mile on the ellipticle at a 20 on the ramp and a 1 on resistance. I've also done situps to try and tone up my tummy.

I also started using that sunless tanning lotion to try and darken up my legs before the event on the 25th. I've checked with a few friends and been told bare legs is the way to go. So now I need a tan! I'm hoping the working out will help with the weight. I really want to be around 135. I read that and think what the hell am I thinking. I don't want to be obssessed with my weight and I'm not, I don't think. I'm perfectly happy with where I am but I think the thing is that for 13 months now every month the scale has gone down and now it's not and I know that it shouldn't but after losing a little everymonth you just come to expect it.

I'm watching Tyra right now about plastic surgeries gone wrong. Talk about scaring the hell out of you and making you question having that done! I think I'd be happy to just have my arms done. Originally I said, tummy, arms, boobs, but really I would be happy just to have my arms done. I want to wear a tank top and not have floppy arms. My boobs look great in a bra and my husband is ok with them looking like tube socks, and my tummy isn't too too bad, looks no worse than someone who had a baby and hey, I had two so that solves that problem! Anyways, I'm rambling, gonna go for now!

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