Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just checking In

I got on the scale yesterday morning and weighed 143.7 so I was happy that I'm in my "range". I haven't worked out in several days, there's always something going on, I know that's no excuse but oh well. We had company last night. Jacob's friend from Vegas was in PA and they were driving home so they stopped in for the night. He was totally surprised, I didn't tell him they were coming. They played all night (he had no homework, thankgoodness, and we let him stay up until 10). They had fun, he was very sad this morning when they left. Bellydancing starts again tomorrow. I haven't signed up yet. Not sure if I'm going to. Steven wants me to, but it's just so expensive. We'll see. I finally got to the other Target and picked up more protein bars. They're $1.69 a piece but sugar free and lots of protein. Plus they're good. So far the chunky peanutbutter and brownie crunch are awesome. I bought 1 white chocolate chunk so I will try that tomorrow and see how it tastes. I figure I'll try and eat them every other day. I did a hard boiled egg today and that was good. Pretty much all of the Valentine candy and cookies have been disposed of. I pawned it off on random people. At Target though they had the valentine candy 75% off so it was $.69 for a bag of hershey's kisses. Thank goodness they didn't have the ones with almonds. I bought like 10 bags (plain, dark, rasberry, strawberry (so good), and 3 chocolate (white, dark, milk all in one). I tried one of the rasberry and strawberry and 3 combo but then I put them all in a bowl for Steven to take to work, so the temptation is gone. I think I'm going to go work out now so I better go while I have the motivation.

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Amber said...

You look great! :)
About the pop... I know a lot of surgeons say no, but mine says yes. In fact, they said we could have it as early as 2 days post op, if we let the fizz settle and stuff. I didn't try it until many months later, and even now I only have a bit every now and then and never drink a whole can. It just doens't taste as good anymore! lol
Thanks for stopping by my blog!