Friday, February 08, 2008

3 days in a row!

Well, I worked out again star for me! I only did 3/4 of a mile on the ellipticle but I did it on the resistance/pace program which takes you through 5 different resistances. It was tough and I burned more calories doing that than doing 1 straight resistance for 1 mile. Odd. Anyways, did some situps too. Belly dancing kicked my butt last night. We did a ton of abs and arms and butt. Wow I was hurting! I called a plastic surgeon yesterday. After watching that Tyra show I went to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and looked up surgeons in my area. The one I called doesn't have a web site. The reason is because he wants people to come into his office to do their research and meet with him to see how they feel and make sure they're comfortable. I don't know what to think about that. I'm one of those people who think in today's age a good business has a web site, period. The lady was super nice though and gave me a lot of information. Basically this doctor specializes in body conturing after WLS. But he won't do a lot of procedures at once. I told her I was interested in arms, breast, tummy but arms were priority. I had hoped that I could get the insurance to approve and cover breast then I could just pay the doctor to do the arms and tummy but she said that insurance requires you to have the procedure done in a hospital and the hospital will only allow that procedure to be done. So, that was good to learn. I told her if I had to prioratize I'd pick arms to be done. She said that runs about $3,000. WOW! They only do consults on Tues/Fri so I have to figure out if I should just go in alone or what. I'd like Steven to go with me but with Athena we don't have anyone who can watch her in the middle of the day on one of those days. I'd love to have it done within the next 2 months, but I also said that I would wait until I was at least 18 months post-op. I didn't realize the price. I guess it's better to at least go in and meet with the doctor to see if I mesh with him and like him and also once I do that start my research on him and talk to some of his past patients etc etc. My head is spinning! I mean, my boobs look good in a bra and my tummy isn't bad, so I think if I just focused on arms right now I might just really be oK with that. I hate that I can wear shirts that have short short sleevs or tank tops. Then I think about the pain and the procedure it self and I freak out. I mean I lost 2 pints of blood during my surgery so it really scares me.

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