Wednesday, May 21, 2008

WOW..New Low Weight & New Size

Sorry it's been a while since I've blogged. I was in Vegas from Wednesday through Monday. It was so nice to get away. I was getting grumpy and stressed from being an "at home mommy" and needed some space, so I really enjoyed my trip with no responsibilities. I got in Wednesday afternoon, grabbed my car then went to visit a friend. I then did dinner with my dad and then headed to my sisters for the evening. Thursday I ran literally from 8am-11pm. I ran some work errands I had to do while I was there, met an old boss for lunch, gave a deposition, met with the attorney beforehand, visited a client, had a drink with my old assistant, visited my friend again, then had a drink with another old friend. (OK so when I say had a drink, yes I was at a bar, but my draink was good ol' H2O-LOL). Let's see my mom and brother flew in Thursday night so I went and got them then back to my sisters house.

Friday AM we headed to the Mirage (my sister is interning there in the fish/dolphin area). We got to go touch the dolphins and take pics with them. Posting one for you guys! It was totally awesome, then we got to go "behind the sceens" and feed the fish in the aquarium. That was cool too. I fed the puffer fish some squid....they suck it in like a vaccuum. Anyways, then the big thing happened, we were waiting for my sister to change to go to lunch with us and her boyfriend asked my mom and I for permission to propose. Needless to say we were both bawling in the middle of the casino at the slots! We of course said yes. That was a total shocker! Let's see, we went to lunch at the Grand Lux at Venetian then my mom, sister and I went shopping at the outdoor outlet mall. I shopped for the kids like always. I'm just not a shopper for myself. That night they went to see Love (I had no interest) so I went shopping at Ross and ran to do a work errand I was procrastinating.

Saturday was graduation day for my sister. OMG it was like the longest day ever. It lasted 3 hours. Then on the grounds under a beautiful tree Tyler proposed to my sister. I got it on video. I was totally awesome and exciting. He's already sick of wedding talk I think! My sister asked me to be her matron of honor, of course I accepted. We headed to Lucille's BBQ for dinner (Super super super good). Then we went home and crashed. We had so much food we didn't even do cake and champaign.

Sunday mom and I got up and headed to the pool at 8AM. (My sister was working and brother/fiancee sleeping). We hung out at the pool until noon. I got super sunburn, but wow that hot sun felt good. Then mom and I went to see a couple of other friends and stop at the store, then home and bed basically. We did slip in cake and champaign that night.

Monday up at the crack of dawn and home.

So, now the big news, When I got home I figured eh, I'll get on the scale to see what's up. Drum roll please.........137.7....a new all time low. I was shocked. But I was moving a lot and not snacking at all. I also finally broke down and bought a size 4 pants. Seriously, I was just laughing, seriously I'm a freaking size 4....that just doesn't compute.


Susy said...

I love, love the new hair. A aize 4. Oh yeah Amber! You have done a great job. Missed ya!


Amber said...

You look amazing girl and congrats on the new low and the new size!! A 4!!! Awesome! :)