Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shopping Blues

So, I went out shopping Monday for clothes. It's fixing to get warm here (I hope) plus I'm leaving for Vegas a week from today, so I need some clothes to wear. All I have are sweaters and jeans. So, I went to the mall. Found nadda. I ended up buying a couple outfits for Athena and pair of jammie bottoms for me from Old Navy. OK, totally not what I was shopping for, although I do need some summer jammies, so that purchase is OK. Couldn't find any shoes either. I did find some stuff I liked at Old Navy, it's just that the sleeves are so short and my arms are so flabby I would't be tugging at the sleeves the whole time I was wearing it. So, after going to ON, Sears, Dillards, Macys, and a few of the other stores that aren't completely trendy and for young kids, I went to JC Penney. I did find a cute denim skirt (skort I guess it's called it's got shorts under it, but looks like a skirt all the way around) and a cute red t-shirt with bell like sleeves. I also got 2 tanks with the shelf bras. They are great for wearing around the house and since by boobs are smaller I can wear them now and not look like I have a giant watermelon on my chest. So, all in all, only 1 shirt and 1 skirt. Oh, I did find a cute white t-shirt at Target too. Forgot about that one. It has the wider arms but aren't too short. Athena and I are going out today, I think to the ON down the street and TJ Maxx maybe and the Payless right down the street too. I'm am also going to Lowes to get my last 2 bags of flipping mulch so I can be done with that dang yard! My Lilis are blooming and they look so pretty. They're like a deep deep purple color. Anyways, Jacob & Steven went to a Royals game last night, so Jacob is sleeping in but I need to get him up because we have to leave for school in 20 minutes!

Also, I chopped off my hair! When I was at Penneys I went to the salon to see if there was a wait. No wait, so I did it! I was back and forth with whether I was going to do it or not, but I did! It is super super short, but looks pretty cute. When I get dressed later and fix it I'll try and remember to snap a picture to post.

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