Friday, May 02, 2008

Yard is almost DONE!

Well, I'm almost done. I'm short about 2 bags of mulch and then the yard will be done. Next project, cleaning up the wooded area behind our house. It is so beautiful and natural, but I'd like to just get some of the straggley trees and weeds out of there so that the other trees can grow bigger and stronger. I think throughout our whole yard we went through about 65 bags of mulch. I swear those things are heavy to lug around but I did it!

Jacob's first baseball game is tonight. It doesn't start until 8:15, which sucks, but I have to go watch since it's the first one. Hopefully Athena will cooperate and behave.

We had super bad storms last night. It was a little scarey. The tornado alarms were going off and the hail and rain was crazy. Thank goodness we didn't have any damage.

Well, the bus will be here in a few, so I better get going. I work tomorrow then I think we'll go visit my grandparents, so maybe I'll post something tomorrow if anything exciting happens!

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Susy said...

I worked outside yesterday and thought of you and all the hard work you just finished. Bet it looks good! Good job.

Those MO storms are scary huh... A lot different than Vegas. LOL When I lived there and the sirens came on I used to call my dad here in Oregon for entertainment. :) In MO. it could be snowing today and thunderstorms tomorrow. I remember the crazy weather.