Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Down Another 1.3

Well, I got on the scale today instead of tomorrow and I'm down another 1.3lbs from last Wednesday. Was hoping for a little more but I've been eating bad and haven't exercised. Over the last few days I've been super busy patching holes and painting and sorting through stuff to give away. You don't realize how much there is to do to prepare for moving. I can tell my mind is really messed up this week. I'm a nervous wreck about moving about money about leaving my home. I can tell because I've been grazing eating a lot lately. Everyday I try and tell myself to make a fresh start with my eating habits because I dont' want to end back up where I was. I'm not eating junk or a lot, just the grazing. A bite here a bite there. Anyways, I know it's my old habits trying to sneak back out but I have to control myself and tell myself that there are other alternatives to help with my worries.

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