Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Let's Try To Post Again

OK, I'm going to try and post again, since the internet ate mine this morning! I don't really even remember what I typed. I'm off to Vegas on Friday for business. I really didn't want to go but my one client wanted me to come out and help with an event she's having. My birthday is Saturday, so I'll be spending it alone in Vegas how fun is that! LOL I really don't have a lot of friends there, I'm sure I'll go see a couple that we hung out with but that's it.
Let's see, I worked out today and had a protein shake for breakfast. I'd been slacking for the last week. I feel so good after working out but gosh getting myself to actually do it is a whole nother ball game. If I know I'm going to feel good why don't I want to do it. Oh well, guess it's no different than knowing what we should eat and then eating junk.
I went shopping Monday. I ended up getting some new bras. Padded ones. I never thought I'd need those lined/padded kind, but man did my boobs look good in that bra! I got a demi cup too which makes a big difference. Since I'm not full anymore the dimi only covers 1/2 instead of the whole breast. Anyways, I love my new maidenform bras. 1/2 the price of VS and my boobs look much better! I also got some cute dk blue trouser jeans and a cute satin shirt. I'm going back today to pick up a black long jacket/sweater. I shopped at Kohls and earned some Kohls Cash so the sweater will be practically free. I only had a sweat jacket and a heavy coat, so I needed something light but dressy.


Susy said...

Ya I get that exersise thing... just cause your skinny doesn't make it easier to get on the treadmill. So sorry your in Vegas for your B-day. Happy day Amber! :)

I would love to know what you eat now in a day. I know each day is different but maybe you could give us a typical day or two. Just wondering now that sometime has passed.

Be good and Happy birthday friend!


Lisa said...

Hey Amber,
Have a great birthday! Hoep you enjoyed yourself in Vegas!