Saturday, April 21, 2007

130 Days Post Op

Well, I got on the scale this morning and it finally was a little lower. I'm down to 218.3, only 19lbs to get below 200. How totally awesome will that be. It's actually going to happen and I actually believe it's going to happen! I have 68.3lbs to get to my "happy goal" of 150 or 43.3lbs to get to my "realistic goal" of 175. It felt so good to get on that scale this morning and have that number in the teens. I hadn't lost anything since the 12th, so this was good! I needed it. Seeing that scale stay the same day after day is hard when you've dropped so much so fast! Haven't been working out with my mom and brother here, but they leave Tuesday so I'll get back into the routine next Thursday!


wannabe_loser said...

Hey Amber! Congrats on the recent loss, that's awesome. How much have you lost so far? My 'realistic' goal is 170, if I get maintain around there, I'll be thrilled!
And to answer your questions, the Optifast apparently shrinks the liver, which can get in the way of laparoscopic surgery. It's also just about the worst thing I have ever tasted in my life.

Susy said...

Good Morning Amber. Thanks for checking in with me and giving me support! Yeah on the scale going down this week. Enjoy your family. My happy goal is 170, and anything after that I will be pleased. As hard as I have worked and worked on losing weight I have never got below 220 and size 18. I have one pair of size 16 I squeezed into one time. :) Have a good week!