Saturday, April 14, 2007

Just another Day

Well, it's official, I totally slacked this week with working out. I walked 2 miles Monday and that was it. How totally sad! I did have valid reasons though, it's not like I was just sitting around doing nothing. I've been craving salad lately. I had it Thursday night for dinner, Friday for lunch and today for lunch. I have a little lettuce, a couple tomatos, some fresh cheese, cubed ham, croutons and dressing. It is sooooooo good! Of course it's a small salad, although my eyes are bigger than my stomach and I ususally make too much! I'm totally hookoed on grape coolaid made with splenda. It is so good! Well, my mom and brother get here in a few hours, so I'm just sitting back and relaxing and watching National Lampoons European Vacation. One of my favs! Will try and post again soon!


wannabe_loser said...

Hey amber, just wanted to thank you for your comment! I really appreciate all the message I've gotten so far!
Congrats on your loss, I've been reading all of yours posts and you sound like your doing great! Congrats on those 85lbs gone FOREVER. Anywhoo, keep up the excellent work. *16 days for me* lol

Susy said...

Amber. A picture. You figured it out. Nice going. Congrats on your loss so far, I check on you everyday to see how it is going for you. Nice to put a face with the words. :)